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Spring 2017, "You are what you read"

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Getting to know: Felicia Wilks, new Upper School director

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Calling all alumni!

What makes a livable city?

As cities grow, can we find ways for people have the things they want – like a healthy economy and environment, and affordable housing – and alleviate the things they don’t – like inequality and traffic gridlock?

Those are hotly debated questions in a Seattle with construction cranes at every turn, and in other cities as well. Lakeside magazine would like to feature alumni tackling them as part of their jobs or community involvement. We’re betting they have a host of creative ideas to share.

We seek a wide range of perspectives, including from urban planners, architects, developers, traffic engineers, real-estate agents, builders, construction workers, activists, politicians, environmentalists, historic preservationists – and whether they’re here in the Emerald City or elsewhere in the world.

Please send alumni names and contact info to

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Lakeside magazine is published twice yearly, in fall and spring, by the communications office of Lakeside School. To view past issues, visit us on issuu.

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