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The Jane Carlson Williams '60 Archives documents the history of Lakeside School since its founding in 1919; and the history of St. Nicholas School from its founding in 1910 to its merger with Lakeside School in 1971. The repository’s collection comprises a range of items including photographs, publications, scrapbooks, oral histories, official records of the school, personal papers and manuscripts, artifacts, and audiovisual materials.
Early photographs and records (c1910 – 1939)
The archives cares for photographs dating back to 1910 (for St. Nicholas School) and 1919 (for Lakeside School). Some examples of early records include: commencement programs, student grade report cards, examples of student work, school publicity, and newspaper clippings. The archives’ early photograph collection is comprised of images of individuals and groups, as well as events, activities, and buildings.

Photographs (1940 – present)
The photograph collection comprises prints, slides, negatives, and digital images. Examples include yearbook candids; class portraits; photos of sports, reunion, and other events; images of faculty and staff; and photographs of buildings and grounds.
Please note: contents of files differ depending on class year, and many of the people/places/dates are unidentified in the photographs.

Audiovisual collections
The archives collects and preserves audio and visual recordings of a variety of school-related musical concerts, drama productions, and sporting events. Events and activities sponsored by school departments and students are also preserved and made available to the school community. In order to maintain their informational value and to provide access to older, out-of-date recordings, the archives strives to continually migrate records into current formats.

One of the richest sources of information in the archives, this collection is divided into Student Publications and School Publications.

  • Examples of Student Publications include the Lakeside Tatler (1934 – present) and St. Nicholas Junior Jinx newspapers, the Lakeside Numidian yearbook (1939 – present) and the St. Nicholas Cantoria yearbook (1926 – 1971), student literary magazines and art publications, LEEP yearbooks, and alternative student newspapers such as Lightning.
  • School publications include the Lakeside Magazine, the Lakeside News Bulletin, Inside Lakeside, employee manuals and handbooks, school directories, LEEP yearbooks, and many others.

Artifacts and memorabilia
The archives preserves memorabilia such as scrapbooks and newspaper clippings, in addition to a small number of artifacts from Lakeside and St. Nicholas schools such as school trophies and plaques, school uniforms, clothing, flags, banners, buttons, pins, patches, and badges.

Official school records
Preserving materials created during the course of everyday business will allow future generations to understand the myriad functions of our school and the people and activities that help shape the Lakeside experience. Official school records document everyday operations and include materials such as meeting minutes of boards and committees, annual budget reports, property deeds of gift, policy statements, construction blueprints, and strategic plans.

Personal papers and manuscripts
This collection is made up of the personal papers and manuscripts of individual faculty, staff, and alumni/ae. Examples of the kinds of materials in these collections include school-related correspondence, class lists, lesson and game plans, awards, diaries, samples of student work, speeches, and other school-related materials.

Oral histories
The archives began collecting oral histories from Lakeside and St. Nicholas school alumni/ae and faculty in 2003. This is an ongoing program that will continue to grow.
Special Exhibit

Click to view the special exhibit, The Origins of the Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program.
A History of Our Archives
Creation of the Archives
The spring of 2002 marked the beginning of an exciting new project for Lakeside School: the creation of an archives. Endowed by the Apex Foundation through a generous four-year commitment by Jolene and Bruce McCaw ’64, the Jane Carlson Williams ’60 Archives was created to ensure that the history of the school is preserved and made part of the life of the Lakeside community.

The mission of the Jane Carlson Williams ’60 Archives is to collect, organize, preserve, and make available for research records and artifacts documenting the history of Lakeside and St. Nicholas Schools and to integrate this history into the lives of Lakeside community members - students, alumni, parents, friends, and employees past and present.

A “Living” Archives
One of the goals of the archives is to be a visible, vital presence on the Lakeside campus. Through both permanent and event-oriented displays, the use of volunteers, articles in Lakeside Magazine, and an ongoing oral history project, the archives hopes to integrate the history of the school into the lives of students, alumni, parents, friends, and employees past and present.

Who is Jane Carlson Williams?
Jane Carlson Williams is a graduate of St. Nicholas School and long-time supporter of Lakeside. She served as President of the Alumni Board from 1979 to 1980, President of the Board of Trustees from 1986 to 1988, and was the Director of School Relations from 1996 to 2001. She is also the parent of two Lakeside alumni, Drew ’88 and Jordan ’91. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, the archives was named in her honor by Jolene and Bruce McCaw ’64.
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