An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Faculty & Staff Directory

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Caryn Abrey

Upper School Science Teacher & Department Head

Lindsay Aegerter

Upper School English Teacher

Bryce Aktepy

Head Wrestling Coach

Emily Aktepy

Admissions and Financial Aid Operations Manager/Assistant to the Associate Head of School

Erin Armstrong

Middle School English Teacher

Jamie Asaka

Director of Student and Family Support

Yvette Avila

Middle School Life Skills Teacher

Alina Badus

Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Sue Belcher

Director of Summer School/Micro-School Research and Development

Debbie Bensadon

Upper School Spanish Teacher, Student Equity Programs Coordinator

Betty Benson

US Chemistry Teacher/9th Grade Level Coordinator/Senior Sponsor

Fakhereddine Berrada

Upper School English Teacher

Mirta Blat

MS Languages Teacher/Department Head

Meredith Bledsoe

Upper School Counseling Center Coordinator

Charlotte Blessing

Director of Global Education

Greta Block

Global Programs Coordinator / Middle School Outdoor Programs Coordinator

Jeff Bonar

US Learning Resources Coordinator/Assembly Coordinator

Carol Borgmann

Director of Major and Planned Giving

Paloma Borreguero

Upper School Languages Teacher

Veronique Brau

Upper School Languages Teacher
1 2 3 12 > showing 1 - 20 of 235 constituents
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