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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Lakeside community. We’re looking for teachers, staff members, and administrators who are: 

    • enthusiastic about lifelong learning; 
    • skilled at leading students to take responsibility for their own scholarship; 
    • open to the work of creative colleagues from widely different backgrounds; 
    • committed to professional work within an educational context; and 
    • eager to join an active, engaged, supportive, and diverse community.

We are eager to learn about you, and hope that this page helps you learn more about Lakeside School’s community and the experience of teaching and working here. We encourage you to e-mail us at
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Lakeside’s faculty comes to the school from around the world, and many have backgrounds in higher education. When asked about the experience of teaching at Lakeside, they talk about the stimulation of collaborating with talented colleagues; a school culture that places a high value on best practices in pedagogy and scholarship; the administration’s support of their creative, often interdisciplinary, new course ideas; and parents’ deep commitment to supporting both their students and teachers. Most of all, they speak of the professional and personal reward of teaching our bright, motivated, and multitalented students.
Lakeside School is fortunate to have abundant resources to fund professional development. The primary goal of the program is to support faculty and staff in developing skills and competencies for success in their roles at Lakeside. As a result of this ongoing professional growth, Lakeside students have an expert faculty and staff available to them, ensuring sustained educational excellence.
  • The faculty evaluation program is our most significant professional development activity. Faculty are evaluated by administration and department heads in their second year and every fourth year after that. As part of their evaluation, faculty complete three year professional development plans to ensure that their pursuits are intentional and address particular curricular, pedagogical, and social/cultural components of their work with students.
  • All-faculty professional development days are used to develop important work-related competencies; to explore and understand significant mission-related topics; and to develop school-wide initiatives and goals.
  • Lakeside’s mentoring program fosters an inclusive and supportive environment for new faculty by matching them with a person who works in their division, and can serve as a supportive and confidential resource. The program has three principal aims: to inform faculty new to Lakeside about the school’s policies, procedures, and cultural nuances; to empower and support faculty new to Lakeside as they enter and contribute to the school community; and to create a dedicated, knowledgeable, and proactive team that works together to support new faculty at Lakeside.
  • The fund for faculty excellence provides resources for individual faculty members to pursue professional development opportunities, which will enhance the work they do at school.
  • Curriculum and technology grants are offered each summer to support collaborative teams of faculty working to enhance some element of their teaching or curriculum. These grants emphasize innovation.
  • The degree advancement program allows employees to pursue master’s degrees, or accreditation in an area in which they work.
  • The school supports both paid and unpaid professional leave for faculty who’ve been at the school for a designated amount of time.
  • Faculty members are eligible for stipend-compensated program positions. Examples of these types of positions include college counselors, coaching positions, Global Service Learning (GSL) trip leaders, summer school teachers, LEEP teachers, and others.
Lakeside also provides ample opportunities for personal development.
  • The Dexter K. Strong endowment supports the development and personal growth of Lakeside employees through grants for a variety of projects including education, travel, seminars, or workshops.
  • Faculty/Staff Academy (FSA) is a fun and free group of activities and workshops where faculty and staff share their skills and knowledge with each other.
  • Each year, Lakeside provides multiple opportunities for faculty and staff members to learn about a global community theme, through speakers, films, readings, and local tours.

Lakeside employees are the school’s greatest assets. We take great care to ensure that we have a compensation and benefits plan that is consistent with the school’s mission and values and compares favorably with those of peer schools both locally and nationwide.

Individual salary levels, which vary depending on education and experience, are very competitive. A full benefits package includes TIAA/CREF retirement and generous medical/dental coverage, and equals the best plans in private industry. Additionally, Lakeside provides employees with non-traditional benefits such as school-provided lunches; paid holidays and vacations; a housing assistance program, for those eligible; and many other programs.

Located on Puget Sound and surrounded by mountain ranges, Seattle is one of the most beautiful urban centers in the country and is considered a highly desirable place to live and work. The area features thriving music, literary, movie and arts scenes; multiple professional sports teams; renowned restaurants; vibrant cultural and music festivals; and great outdoor adventures on the water, in the mountains and even in the parks that abound in the city and the suburbs.

Distinct and livable neighborhoods feature local businesses, green spaces, bike and bus routes and gorgeous views of the mountains. The temperature throughout the Puget Sound is mild, which means pleasant summers and very little snow in the winter - except in the nearby mountains, where you can ski almost year-round.

The Seattle area is the 13th largest metropolitan area in the United States, with 3.3 million people. King County, where Seattle is located, has more than 20 percent people of color, including Asian/Pacific Islanders, African-Americans and Latinos. The region has a rich Native-American heritage and a significant Native American population. The city has the fourth-largest International District in the country, while the neighborhoods of South Seattle are among the most ethnically and racially diverse in the country.

Lakeside’s Upper School and Middle School campuses are nestled in a wooded area at the north end of Seattle city limits. Located a block from the main interstate and major bus routes, Lakeside is easy to access by car, bus and bicycle.

Lakeside School does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability, or genetic information. This policy applies to all areas of student concerns (admissions, athletics, educational policies, financial aid, and other school-administered programs) as well as to all areas of personnel and employee concerns and hiring, discipline, promotion, and termination. Lakeside School is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).
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