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Probably the single best way for applicants to get to know Lakeside is to do an interview. Why? Well, admissions interviews don’t include the stereotypical “So, please tell me why you are a good match for our school” type of question. We consider interviews a “get to know you” moment, where it’s not possible for the applicant to fail.

During an upper school interview we like to learn about what makes an applicant tick, the things he or she may like, maybe a thing or two that may be challenging, or perhaps investigate what is funny. We especially enjoy the questions that applicants ask us – those questions often reveal things about interests and inclinations. Putting OUR best foot forward is important for us, because we sincerely hope that Lakeside could be considered a cool place to go to school. Interviewers always conclude the visit by taking some time to chat with any parent or guardian who has joined their student that day.

Middle school interviews are a good time, too. Rather than have conversations with middle school applicants, we organize activities for small groups of students to do together. They are fun, low-key events that allow applicants to work together. While these activities are happening, we run a concurrent group information session for parents and guardians with some of our own teachers and administrators.

Sign up for an interview! They are fun, low-key, and informative. You may sign up within the online application system and please sign up soon as it becomes difficult for families to find an ideal interview time as the admission season winds into the winter months. We are running small middle school interview dates this fall, and we have scheduled many weekday and Saturday interview mornings for upper school students (Saturday, November 8 and Saturday, December 6 so far).

We look forward to seeing you on campus. Check out our tour options and the Open House schedule, too!
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Step 1: Learn about Lakeside
Step 1: Learn about Lakeside
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Step 1: Learn about Lakeside
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