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Addressing common questions
With the January 14 admission application deadline upcoming, I thought it would be good to post some information that may address some common questions at this stage of the process.

If the fees of the application and testing are challenging for you and your family, contact our office right away and we will discuss fee waivers with you.

It’s most important for you and your applicant to submit the admission application by the January 14 date (and if you are just beginning, that is not a complicated process). While it would be wonderful if testing, teacher evaluations, grades, interviews, and testing were all received by then we know from experience that it’s not realistic to expect that!

But of course we would like to receive all of those pieces as soon as possible. You will be able to monitor receipt of those pieces through your application account. Our office staff spends most of January tracking down these varied forms and pieces, contacting families and schools, and consequently completing applicant files.

We conduct many interviews after the January 14 date, particularly for middle school applicants. And it is fine for ANY middle school applicant to take the February 7th SSAT (ISEE is also acceptable). Upper school applicants need to take the SSAT by January 10, and as for middle school applicants, the ISEE is also acceptable. For upper school applicants, we don’t advise taking the ISEE any later than February 1, though.

Lastly, please be patient with the teachers and schools who work very hard to submit evaluations and grade reports to us. We will work with you and your current school to make sure we consider any candidate that has submitted an application by January 14.

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Step 1: Learn about Lakeside
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