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Decisions update
Admissions decisions for the upper school (grades 9-12) will be posted in student’s application accounts on Friday, February 20th at noon. This always proves to be a day of excitement, uncertainty, and frustration.

Lakeside will host a reception for students and their families who receive an offer of admission on Monday, February 23 at 3:30. It is an informal event that is intended to introduce admitted students to the faculty and staff at the school. We hope all admitted students and their families can attend. Admitted students will also receive a mailed packet which will be sent to their home address. It’s our intent to have you receive this mailing no later than Saturday, February 21.

Other students will receive the news that they have been offered a place in the alternate pool. This is the Lakeside version of a “wait-list”. We refer to it as the alternate pool because it is an unranked group of students that we feel would complement the current class very well. Students who receive an alternate pool decision will be prompted to declare their intent to stay in the alternate pool or not, and for how long.

Students who don’t receive an admit or alternate pool decision may be frustrated but should note that the admission committee’s decision is based not just on the individual but on the applicant group as a whole. In fact, our internal evaluation system tells us that almost 2/3rds of the applicants to Lakeside would thrive at the school. It is the committee’s difficult job to assess a student’s academic potential and the overall fit in the community. Each class is unique and every year is different. It makes doing admissions work at Lakeside both exhilarating and frustrating.

We thank you for your interest in Lakeside and hope that you have enjoyed some of the early spring weather!
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Step 1: Learn about Lakeside
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