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Assessment and holistic evaluation
Admission testing is used for a variety of reasons at independent schools. At Lakeside we use testing as complementary information to other parts of a student's candidacy, we use it for predictive purposes, and we use it as a comparative mechanism during application review season.

The collective wisdom and experience in our office indicated that the SSAT is the best independent school admission test on the market. There are several reasons for this belief, but I wanted to use this blog to highlight one of them. SSAT is focused on the future - just as Lakeside is. This special report, just released by SSAT, demonstrates that focus and also highlights how the SSAT organization is committed to holistic evaluation - just as Lakeside is. The report highlights all of the things that we value in our application process. That's why the SSAT is a good fit for Lakeside.

To learn more about the SSAT you may visit their site at

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