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Global Programs

Global Service Learning

MS pre-trip June 16 and 17 (Makah Aug 12 - 13)

US GSL and Costa Rica Reunion Potluck - Tues Sept 16, 2014

Required for all 2014 US GSL students and 2014 Costa Rica students. Families are invited to attend! 6pm - 9pm in the WCC, and Allen-Gates classrooms.

Broetje and Makah Reunion Potluck - Wed Sept 17, 2014

Required for all Broetje and Makah students. 6:30pm - 8:30pm in the MS Dining Room and the MS Evans Theater. Families are invited to attend!
Lakeside's GSL program combines on-site service learning with cultural immersion in mostly rural areas in the developing and near-developing world. A global pre-trip curriculum, in addition to service learning projects at home and abroad, enable our students to better understand other cultures by experiencing them firsthand and appreciating them on their own terms.

  • To foster global awareness and citizenship through values of mutual respect, cross-cultural understanding, equity, and justice;
  • To connect with people through collaborative projects that test the knowledge and ability students already possess but may not yet have used;
  • To inspire and empower students to be agents of change both in their local communities and in the international arena.
At the upper-school level (grades 9-12), the GSL program includes: 
  • 5 days of pre-trip curriculum directly preceding the trip;
  • Four-week on-site summer service learning in China, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Morocco, Peru, Senegal, and Thailand, mostly in rural areas;
  • Twenty-four hours of post-trip domestic service learning related to overseas projects.
At the middle-school level (grades 6-8), Lakeside’s GSL program includes: 
  • 2 days of pre-trip curriculum;
  • A two-week project at the Broetje Orchards in eastern Washington;
  • A two-week project on the Makah Indian reservation; or
  • A two-week project on a Costa Rican ranch dedicated to sustainable living;
  • 1 day of post-trip curriculum.
GSL Mission
Through active service and study, Lakeside’s Global Service Learning program seeks to develop in students the awareness of, respect for, and understanding of diverse cultural communities as well as the common issues facing our global community. Our goal is to inspire and empower students to be agents of change both in their local communities and in the international arena.
Please visit the Upper School and Middle School GSL pages in addition to site specific pages for more information.
Student Testimonials
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Domestic GSL Info
Student Support Form
Required form for parents/guardians to fill out, due April 1

Travel Health Presentation
From the travel health meeting 3/4/14

Health Form 2
For all International GSL students

The GSL program defines service as work done by students together with people living in the developing world (including parts of the U.S.), with the goals of helping others improve their lives, of fostering an understanding between cultures, and of nurturing an appreciation for the strengths, challenges, and complexities of those cultures. The projects are subsidized by the Living Our Mission campaign funds, enabling all students to participate.

Service learning comprises at least two-thirds of the total time spent on a Lakeside School GSL project. Up to ten percent of the total time in the country will be devoted to nurturing an academic understanding of that country.
GSL Trip Blogs
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