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Student Clubs

A rich element of education at Lakeside is the many activities that provide all students the ability to become engaged in pursuits that are important to them. Clubs are episodic student groups that arise out of student interest where the number and kind of clubs change from year to year as students with different interests take leadership. Programs are enduring student groups or activities that serve the academic curriculum or the overall community in meaningful ways.

For more information about Upper School clubs and activities, please contact Student Government Faculty Advisor Zinda Foster, and for Middle School clubs and activities, contact Sandy Schneider or Merissa Reed.

Below are some of the clubs and programs we offer at the Upper and Middle Schools:
Upper School Student Clubs and Programs

Amnesty International

AOK! (Acts of Kindness)

The Bellas

Black Student Union (BSU)

Chess Team

Dodgeball Club

Energy Team

Engineering Club

Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever (GLOW)


Knowledge Bowl

LS Capital Holdings

Lakeside Asian-Pacific Students (LAPS)

Math Club


Model UN

Science Bowl

Science Olympiad

Student/Faculty Judicial Committee

Student Government


Ultimate Frisbee

Women in STEM
Middle School Student Clubs and Activities
Chess Club

Computer Programming

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Math Clubs 5 and 6

Math Clubs 7 and 8

Middle School Yearbook

Student Council

Ultimate Frisbee
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