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Ride Together...It's What We Do!
Lakeside School wants to help our students, faculty, and staff members get to and from school in convenient ways that help the environment. Please check out the information on this page to learn about the many bus and carpool options we offer.

It’s easy to form a carpool with other Lakeside families. Just sign in to the Veracross parent portal, click on Directory at the top of the page, then choose the "Nearby Families" tab, and a list of families living near you will be shown.

Metro Custom Bus Program with Lakeside School
Lakeside School partners with University Prep and Evergreen schools and contracts with King County Metro to provide specially designed custom bus routes that our students can use traveling to and from school. The routes are commuter-style, which means they run on major arterials with occasional stops, thereby serving the greatest number of families in the shortest amount of time. This means families generally drive or carpool to the stops. Families who want bus service can choose full or half year contracts. Lakeside School does not have a program available for intermittent riders.



Custom ORCA Passes
Students who have registered for the custom bus program receive an unlimited use ORCA pass which can be used on the custom bus and anywhere else ORCA is accepted—including Metro, Sound Transit, or Community Transit—any day of the week. Full school year passes are active from when students receive their passes in August through June 10.
  • Fall passes are active when students receive their passes in August through January 30.
  • Spring passes are active January 1- June 10. Passes will be sent to families in mid-December.
*Families with a Lakeside ORCA pass may keep it during the summer at no additional cost, if they renew the service for the full following year. Those passes can be used for Lakeside Summer School Programs (register through the Summer School office), and anywhere else ORCA passes are accepted.

Our goal is to offer eight morning routes, seven afternoon routes, and two evening activity buses. However, routes and stops are dependent upon ridership; if a route or stop is undersubscribed, it may be cancelled. Please refer to the route schedules at right.

Once a route is set between Lakeside and Metro, changes cannot be made. Requests for changes are reviewed each December for implementation in the following academic year. Route-specific information and maps are located to the right.

Bus Stops
Students should be waiting at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart. Riders must be at the stop, not sitting in cars where the driver cannot see them.

Students should not ask for special stops. To request a stop, please contact your bus route parent/guardian representative (list below). Please do not ask the bus driver to add a stop.

What are the buses like to ride?
The custom buses are regular King County Metro buses that are designed to meet the needs of commuters including students. While the routes that serve Lakeside, University Prep and the Evergreen School are used primarily by our students, faculty and staff, they are available to anyone. Non-students looking for transportation along these routes can freely find them on Metro’s website and use these buses as long as they have an ORCA pass and pay the custom fare. This does not happen often. And, like all Metro buses, there are occasions where students may need to stand.

In addition, buses run on major arterials, and timetables are constructed to take traffic into account. However, it is important to remember that traffic and weather are not under our control, and buses can sometimes run late.

If your student has never ridden a Metro bus before, we encourage parents and guardians to take a trip on a Metro bus with their student before the beginning of the school year, and discuss expectations and proper behavior.


Custom passes are unlimited Passport passes and must be purchased through the Lakeside business office. If you signed up for a half-year pass but want to switch to a full-year pass, contact the business office. 

It is possible to sign up for bus service after the start of the new academic year if there is space available on the route. The bus service agreement form, schedules, and calendar of service are located in the download box to the right.

What if we sign up for the bus service and then decide we don’t want to use the pass after all?
We release families in the fall from their bus service agreements only when we have another family to take their place. Your cost would then be prorated based on your usage. We are unable to offer refunds for students who begin to drive later in the year.

Lost or Damaged Cards 
If the custom bus ORCA pass is damaged or lost, you will be charged $50 for a replacement pass. Please have your student use the lanyard and sleeve protector sent with the pass to help keep it from being damaged or lost. If your student needs a replacement pass, contact the business office at 206-368-3610 immediately. 


Reporting Delays or Problems
If the bus is more than 10 minutes late, please call Metro customer service at 206-553-3000. This number is located on the back of Lakeside ID cards. By calling Metro directly, you help create data that will fast-track a response.
  • If you cannot reach a Metro dispatcher, call the emergency pager of our Metro custom bus representative at 206-982-8909. Enter your phone number and you will be called back.
  • Call Lakeside’s custom bus service phone line, 206-440-2801. We will use our bus alert system to alert other families on the route that the bus is delayed. Click here for directions to sign up for alerts.
  • For general service questions or concerns, please contact Lakeside’s custom bus service phone line, 206-440-2801, between 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Adverse Weather or Snow
If Lakeside is in session, the buses will be running. However, when snow or ice creates a travel challenge, bus routes with hills will be affected, some stops may be eliminated, and there will most likely be significant delays. Click here for Metro's website and route specific information.

If you ride the bus, choose a bus stop that is easily accessible and be prepared to wait. Before you leave home, check the snow route maps (if available) posted in the box to the right/on the Lakeside Transportation web page. You may also want to sign up for some of the transit alerts listed below. If any routes begin operating on snow routing, Metro will send an alert to Metro alert subscribers (this is different than the Lakeside alerts signed up through our website).

Refer to Metro's snow guidelines in the maroon download box on the right. In addition, you will also find a map of streets Seattle plans to plow in that download box. Use this to plan for travel in the city of Seattle.


For general service questions or concerns, please contact Lakeside’s custom bus service phone line, 206-440-2801, between 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Bus Route Parent/Guardian Representatives
For route-specific questions or concerns, please contact your bus route parent/guardian representative:
For billing concerns, please contact the business office at 206-440-2763 or


Metro Service Beyond the Custom Bus
Students’ custom bus passes are unlimited passes that can be used on the Lakeside custom bus, as well as any Metro, Sound Transit, and Community Transit routes, and the light rail, any day of the week. Drivers can issue transfers to other buses. The passes must be tapped on a card reader to show proof of payment (sometimes in both directions depending on the mode of transportation). Failure to tap the card may result in a citation. Lakeside School is not responsible for this citation.

Metro’s Trip Planner
has detailed information on routes, stops, and schedules.

Complaints, Concerns, or Compliments
Please log Metro-specific complaints, concerns, or compliments on the Metro feedback website.

Lost and Found
If your student has left something on the bus, you can fill out a form online to search Metro's lost and found data base to determine if the item has been found. For those without an email address or web access, call Metro Lost and Found at 206-553-3000. If it has been 30 minutes or less, call Metro, 206-553-3000 and they may be able to locate the bus.

Tracking and Alerts
There are several ways to track the status of Metro buses and receive alerts. In cases of severe weather, please refer to the Metro website, and remember that tracking programs lose accuracy when buses are rerouted.
  • Lakeside’s custom bus alerts (text message and e-mail): Lakeside’s system alerts families about bus route delays using text messages and e-mails. Our goal is to provide accurate, factual, and concise information that will help families and students plan travel to and from Lakeside.
  • King County Metro Alerts: Route-specific messages about Metro Transit service.
  • Metro Tracker: Real-time bus information and route maps. Morning routes are listed as Haller Lake, afternoon and evening routes are the last stop.
  • Metro Mobile Applications: This page lists apps and web sites created by independent developers. One of our favorites is One Bus Away, which is a mobile-friendly program that provides real time bus arrival information. 
  • Eye on Your Metro Commute:  A blog specifically for Metro issues. You can sign up for their RSS feed.
Route-Specific Information
Custom Bus Overview Map - All current bus stops
Route 980 Map - Leschi, Madrona, Madison Park, Montlake
Route 982 Map - Bear Creek, Overlake Park & Ride (Microsoft)
Route 986 Map - Bellevue, Kirkland, Montlake
Route 987 Map - Beacon Hill, Rainier Avenue, Seward Park
Route 988 Map - Eastlake, Madison Park, Madrona
Route 989 Map - Eastgate, Mercer Island
Route 994 Map - Downtown, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Greater Ballard, Greenlake Area
Route 995 Map - Laurelhurst, Ravenna, Wedgwood, Windemere
Westside Activity Bus Map (Route 984)
Eastside Activity Bus Map (Route 981)

Snow Information
Snow Route 981 (Eastside Activity Bus)
Snow Route 984 (Westside Activity Bus)
Snow Route 982 
Snow Route 986
Snow Route 987
Snow Route 988 (and 980) 
Snow Route 989
Snow Route 994
Snow Route 995
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