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Lakeside Middle School 13510 1st Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125-3099
Lakeside Upper School 14050 1st Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125-3099
Service Learning in Sixth Grade

Here are a few fun figures from this year’s sixth-grade service learning experience:
  • Number of Lakeside students and faculty involved: 74
  • Number of plants planted: 300
  • Number of species planted: 15 (salal, hemlock, western red cedar, Indian plum, huckleberry, snowberry, sword fern, Oregon grape, and thimbleberry)
  • Number of different plants identified at North Acres Park : 10
  • Number of bird species identified at Delridge Park: 8
  • Number of EarthCorps volunteers with whom we worked: 10
  • Number of countries, states, and cities of origin represented within the volunteer work group: 8  (Kenya, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Serbia, Massachusetts, Mercer Island, Poulsbo, and Kirkland)
  • Number of cups of coca required to keep hands warm and functional: 148
  • Value of service and learning experience: invaluable!

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