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Than Healy: The new head of Menlo School

by Head of School Bernie Noe

Dear Lakeside School Community:

It is with excitement, pride, and some sadness that I announce that Than Healy, our assistant head of school and Upper School director, has accepted the position as head of school at Menlo School in Atherton, California. Than will be leaving Lakeside School at the end of this 2012-2013 school year to move to the Bay Area with his family. Menlo School is so fortunate to be getting such a smart, talented, knowledgeable, and dynamic guy.

Since the summer of 2001, when Than eased seamlessly into the Upper School director’s position, he has led the division with steadiness, fairness, vision, and integrity. He has, literally, “built” the division into a powerhouse among its independent-school peers. We have an Upper School faculty whose high quality has been enhanced by Than’s attention to the positive, professional, and growth-oriented aspects of evaluations. And, owing to Than’s mastery of all the details as well as the big picture, we have an Upper School whose key facilities—with the reconstruction of Bliss Hall , the renovation and expansion of Allen-Gates Hall, and the athletics center to come—have been vastly improved and upgraded for students, faculty, and staff.

In 2005, Than added to his already full-time director’s portfolio the role of assistant head of school. He oversees several key operations of the school—technology, athletics, Summer School, college counseling, and the Outdoor Program—wisely and well, and these programs have become stronger and more effective through the working relationships that Than has forged with their leaders.

More important than any single role are the attributes Than has brought to Lakeside. He has refined the Upper School director’s role with firm, humane, and progressive leadership. To every administrative discussion, even when it is outside his area of expertise, he has brought insight, wisdom, humor, and perspectives grounded in his lifelong experience in independent schools. All of us who have worked with Than want him included in every important decision, because we just know that any decision will be far better for his participation. I will miss his friendship and his leadership but am excited to welcome him as a fellow school head!

Thank you, Than, for all that you have done for the students, parents and guardians, faculty, staff, and administrators of this school. You will be leaving Lakeside a stronger, better school than you found it 12 years ago.

We will get under way immediately with our search for a new Upper School director to replace Than when he leaves in June 2013. Faculty and staff, parents and guardians, students, Board members, and administrators will be involved in the search for Than’s replacement. More details about the search will follow as we begin the process.

Please join me in congratulating Than!


Bernie Noe
Head of School

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