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Learning to love learning online

by Aly C. '13

This fall, I have been taking an online Medical Problem Solving course through Global Online Academy, and have been gradually getting more and more familiar and comfortable with the logistics of online learning. The learning that would ordinarily take place in a classroom setting instead occurs through my homework assignments, which operate according to the model of problem-based learning used by many medical schools. Additionally, instead of being able to form a relationship with my teacher, who teaches at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI, by having her teach me the material herself, our interactions have taken place entirely over Skype and have been mostly centered on our discussion of my current medical case, rather than a one-sided teaching lecture.

Going into the course, I didn’t expect to be able to feel connected to my teacher over Skype; however, the most striking thing to me throughout my first few months in an online course has been the depth of the relationship I have been able to form with Mrs. Iams, despite us having never met face-to-face. I feel that I know her as well as I do most of my teachers at Lakeside, and I feel that she truly knows me. When we Skype, we talk about any questions I have about my case, and then we often talk about what is happening in our lives. Despite the vast Pacific Ocean that lies between my teacher and me, I have become more comfortable Skyping with new people and adapting to a new teaching style through taking an online course.

This spring, I’m taking another Global Online Academy class on the history and impact of September 11, 2001, and am really excited to be able to compare my two experiences and continue with my online education. I would highly recommend that students take advantage of this amazing opportunity that we’ve been given, and consider signing up for online courses!

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