An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Investigative Learning Camps

Exploration and play lead to serious learning at Lakeside's Investigative Learning Camps. Students entering grades 5 – 8 split their day between classroom explorations on a topic of their choosing and organized games and activities.

Campers are taught by dynamic and fun middle-school teachers, and supported by a diverse group of camp counselors who share campers’ passion for learning.

Students can register for one or two sessions. Each session lasts two weeks, and campers immerse themselves in new topics each week.

Session 1: July 10 – July 21, 2017
Session 2: July 24 – Aug. 4, 2017

Tuition: $1,000 per two-week session. Extended care (until 5:30 p.m.) is available at an additional cost.

Financial aid is available.

Important Dates for 2017

Feb. 1: Registration opens for Lakeside students.

Mar. 1: Registration opens for students not attending Lakeside.

June 1: Registration closes.

Financial aid: The program awards financial assistance according to demonstrated family need on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial aid forms returned by the first of each month will receive award notification by the 15th of that month. Lakeside Families: We have simplified the process this year. Refer to the Financial Aid application to see if you need to complete additional paperwork.

2017 Courses

Hip Hop Dancing

So you think you can dance? Hip hop is an upbeat urban style of dance that is high energy and focuses on musicality and rhythm. Students will stretch both their brains and their bodies while learning choreographed eight count dance routines. They will even have the opportunity to create their own routines and perform for others!

Digital Photography

Want to be a star on Instagram with your award winning photos? Learn both technical and artistic fundamentals of digital photography, including: manipulating focus, exposure and lighting, and principles of composition. Learn the best editing techniques to enhance your work. Apply your knowledge with fun and creative activities showcased at the end of the week.

Gene Jam!

Do you look just like the rest of your family or very different? Have you ever wondered why people have the traits that they do? Take an active role in learning about DNA and genetics in this hands-on course. Throughout the week students will explore what genes do and how they work. By the end of the week students will apply their knowledge to create the genome of their own fictional creature.

Big Data

Have you ever wondered how Netflix recommends movies they believe you are likely to see? Or how Amazon figures out what products to show you on their web page? These questions and many more like them can be answered by analyzing data. Learn about the science of interpreting large-quantities of data and extracting useful information from it! Import data into a spreadsheet, organize it into tables, extract and highlight relevant information, discover patterns, and create visualizations that provide useful insights. Note: Some basic knowledge of math is required.

Game Design with Java

In this course, using classic arcade-style games like Space Invaders and Flappy Bird, students will learn about core programming concepts like objects, classes, data types, and methods. As they design and build their own version of Flappy Bird, they learn how to implement features such as player control, collision detection, scoring, and animation. Toward the end of the course, students design and program their own unique games and leave the class with a practical understanding of computer programming and game design principles.

CSI: Lakeside

What does it take to solve a crime? Put your skills to the test to see if you can figure out who did it. Learn how to determine the blood type of a blood sample, analyze fingerprints left at the scene, examine hair and fiber samples, learn about DNA, and study bones. Assemble your evidence by the end of the week to identify the culprit.

Lego Robotics

Work in teams to build and program LEGO Mindstorms robots! Robots will use motors and sensors to drive around the room, navigate obstacles, and compete in a tournament at the end of the week. No prior building or programming experience required.

Creative Writing

Good writers are in the habit of reading. In this course, campers will be reading as writers, exploring choices that authors make for their characters, plot, point-of-view, setting, style, structure, and tone. Then they will put their imaginations to work on their own short stories.


Need the skills to win any argument? Learn to present hot-button issues in a concise, clear, persuasive way through mock debates. This class will help students to organize ideas, write speeches and maintain eye contact with the audience.

Wicked Problems

Are you a deep thinker who likes to come up with creative approaches to challenges? In this class, students will learn about the design thinking process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test) and work on solving real problems that businesses are facing. Students will work in teams and present their proposals at the end of the week.


Drawing is the foundation of all art. During this action-packed week students will learn various techniques, and complete a series of drawings and sketches. Skills covered will include drawing from life, value study and incorporating the elements of design. Students will use a range of media. All levels of experience are welcome.


Color is such an exciting way to explore one’s creativity! Students will work with concepts of color theory and brush techniques to produce a group of paintings this week. There will be multiple explorations and different media will be introduced. All levels of experience are welcome.


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