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Lakeside Middle School 13510 1st Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125-3099
Lakeside Upper School 14050 1st Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125-3099

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Lakeside is a school dedicated to the highest possible academic standards for teaching a strong curriculum. To that end, it is also a school in which all students in grades 7-12 and all faculty members have their own laptop computers. The student laptops serve a dual role: to support the students in their academic achievement, and to create opportunities to expand and enhance the curriculum. For teachers, the laptops are a powerful tool for both managing instruction and communicating with students. The Lakeside technology department works to help students, faculty, and staff use technology as a tool that enhances their learning, teaching, and work. More information about technology use at Lakeside School can be found by following the links on this page, or by contacting the technology department at 206-440-2918.
Technology Staff
John Newsom
Director of Technology

Michael Asbridge
Network Operations / Information Services Manager

Bonnie Brodd
Instructional Support

Alla Buzytsky
Technical Support

Stephanie Guerrero
Administrative Assistant

Harold Johanson
Instructional Support

Dave Miller
Technical Support

Takashi Yamada
Technical Support
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