An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Board of Trustees

Lakeside School, a nonprofit corporation organized for educational purposes and chartered in the state of Washington, is under the direction of a board of trustees. Trustees come from many different walks of life — corporations, charitable organizations, education, law, medicine, finance, government, and community service — and volunteer their expertise, energy, and time to the school.

The Lakeside School Board of Trustees is responsible for working with the school’s administration to develop policies and make essential decisions by which the school is governed and guided.

To contact the Board of Trustees, email the board secretary at or call 206-440-2723.

Board of Trustees, 2021-2022

Carey Crutcher '77 Smith, Chair

Artemios "Tim" Panos '85, Vice Chair

Bertrand Valdman, Immediate Past Chair, Treasurer

Sean O'Donnell '90, Secretary

Amy Crichton, Honorary Trustee

Dr. Sarah Barton

Michelle S. Chen ’90

David de la Fuente

Lloyd Frink '83

Mark Klebanoff '80

Michael Larson

Kathleen M. Murray

Michael Nachbar

Nicholas Stevens '06, Alumni Association President

Bridgette M. Taylor

Katie Traverse '93, Parents and Guardians Association President

Brandon C. Vaughan '06

David M. Victor