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Lakeside is high-expectations, high-support, and high-reward.

Careers at Lakeside

Lakeside’s faculty and staff are collaborative, innovative, diverse, and welcoming.

What do Lakeside employees like about working here? Ask them, and you’ll hear about the stimulation of collaborating with talented colleagues; a school culture that places a high value on best practices in pedagogy and scholarship; the administration’s support of innovative, often interdisciplinary, new course ideas; and parents’ and guardians’ deep commitment to supporting both students and teachers. Most of all, they speak of the professional and personal reward of teaching and working on behalf of our bright, motivated, and multitalented students.

Faculty and staff play many roles at Lakeside: They are teachers, advisors, leaders, coaches, experts in their fields, volunteers, and individuals committed to learning about and honoring cultural, racial and social differences. Lakeside’s distributed leadership model promotes a culture of shared leadership and responsibility, by extending the work of faculty beyond the classroom and advisory. All faculty support key aspects of school life, including advising student clubs, serving on committees, and coordinating grade-level programs.

Learn more about Lakeside’s faculty and staff in our employee directory.

Salary and benefits

Lakeside School is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding candidates. We provide a competitive compensation package. Faculty salaries are benchmarked against the nation’s top independent schools and are competitive with local public schools.

Benefits for all employees include:

  • Employer-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance (based on FTE).
  • Dependent medical and vision subsidy.
  • Retirement with generous employer contribution.
  • Life/disability insurance.
  • Employee Assistance Program.
  • Flexible spending accounts.
  • Free lunch.
  • Free parking.
  • Bus/bike benefits.
  • Housing assistance program.
  • Reduced facility rentals.
  • Passport Corporate membership.
  • Computer loan program.
  • Paid holidays and vacation.
  • Use of school library and gymnasium.
Choir students imitate the director's hand gestures during a lesson

Equity and Inclusion 

We believe that every person plays a role in making Lakeside a diverse, equitable, and inclusive place to learn, teach, and work. We practice inclusive hiring processes to attract a wide range of highly-qualified candidates from a variety of cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds, with a goal of having a faculty that represents the diversity of our student population. Learn more about our work in this area.

Professional Development

Lakeside has abundant resources to help our employees develop skills that support academic and institutional excellence. Opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Robust faculty evaluation program and individualized three-year development plan.
  • Professional development days.
  • Summer curriculum and technology grants.
  • Funds for staff career and skills development.
  • Degree advancement program.
  • Paid sabbaticals.
  • Stipended school year and summer enrichment programs.
  • Dexter K. Strong endowment for professional and personal growth.
  • Faculty/Staff Academy (FSA) taught by and for employees to share talents and skills.
  • Mentoring

    Lakeside’s mentoring program provides an introduction for new Lakeside employees. Mentors empower and support new faculty and staff as they enter and contribute to the school community; provide guidance in navigating school policies, procedures, and cultural nuances; and offer themselves as a confidential sounding board and resource.

    I’ve gotten a lot of support, especially through the mentor program. I feel like I can ask my mentor whatever I want. I also feel like my department head is very much there for me. There are still things I’m figuring out but I feel like I have resources to show me the way. – Amanda O’Neal, Computer science teacher

    Many Ways to Get Involved

    Through participating in a wide range of programs, our faculty and staff can connect with students and other adults, and experience Lakeside in a whole new way.

    Beyond distributed leadership roles for faculty, school-year opportunities available for faculty and staff include: athletic coachingoutdoor trip leader; and committee membership. Summer opportunities include: Global Service Learning trip leader; teaching in Lakeside Summer School Programs, Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP), and Academic Bridges.

    Nondiscrimination Policy


    Lakeside School and The Downtown School: A Lakeside School do not discriminate on any basis that is protected under federal, state or municipal law. This non-discrimination policy applies to all areas of student concerns (such as admissions, athletics, educational policies, financial aid, and or other school-administered programs) as well as to all areas of employment matters (such as hiring, compensation, evaluations, discipline, promotion, and termination). Lakeside School and The Downtown School: A Lakeside School are Equal Opportunity Employers (EOE).


    Applicant Data Privacy Policy


    Lakeside School is committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of your personal information. The school does not market, trade, or otherwise share applicants' personal information with any organization or reporting service unless noted below. The school will limit its use of contact information of applicants for these purposes only: Review of credentials provided by the applicant, communication with applicants, internal communication with hiring personnel, screening checks for applicants who are offered a position and accepted by the applicant, and internal recordkeeping. By giving us your information, you are agreeing to this privacy policy and giving us permission to use your information for the stated purposes. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact Human Resources at 206-440-2742.