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An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Lakeside's First Century: A History of Purpose and Progress

In 2019-2020, Lakeside School celebrates its centennial. Throughout the past 100 years, members of our community have been invested in making the school – and the world – a better place. In every decade, the school’s mission-driven purpose and embrace of progress have contributed to its success.

Today’s Lakeside School is the result of two separate schools: St. Nicholas was founded in 1910 and Moran-Lakeside was founded in 1919. The two institutions merged in 1971, leading to a period of rapid evolution and Lakeside School taking its place as one of the nation’s foremost independent schools.

Join us for centennial celebrations throughout the academic year and learn more about Lakeside's first century through the interactive timelines below.

Centennial timeline

Exhibits and Histories

The enduring power of Quest

Among the hundreds of outdoor trips and courses Lakeside students have taken over the years, Quest stands out as remaining virtually unchanged since it began 36 years ago.

The history of St. Nicholas School, 1910-1971

Learn more about the history and traditions of Seattle’s St. Nicholas School in an interactive timeline.

History of Film Courses at Lakeside

The study of film first appears in the Lakeside archives in a curriculum guide from 1978.

Building Bliss: A History of Lakeside’s Most Iconic Building

Over the years, Bliss Hall has been many things to many people.

The Origins of the Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program

The video examines the origins of the Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP), begun in the summer of 1965.

Coach Anderson: Game plan focuses on relationships

What was it that made Anderson a legend among the students he coached?

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    Lakeside letter jacket courtesy of Patrick Dunn '65

    Lakeside School’s Jane Carlson Williams ’60 Archives seeks to document and share materials that represent many different perspectives. By capturing and sharing the stories of students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends, we strive to provide a fuller understanding of our institutional history.

    For more information on what the archives collects or how to access or donate materials to the archives, visit the archives page.