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“Kai Bynum’s Story”

The title of Megan Burbank’s profile of incoming head of school Kai Bynum, “Something That We Connect To,” is an indirect nod to the Robert Frost poem, “For Once, Then, Something” — one of many literary references that Bynum makes in describing his winding journey back home to the Pacific Northwest and to Lakeside. A literary approach to telling his story makes sense for Bynum, who counts a Master’s degree in English and American Literature and Language among his advanced degrees. His interview for this issue’s cover story was conducted amidst the bookshelves at University Bookstore at the edge of the UW campus, where Bynum had played football, majored in history, and solidified his love of literature. One of the key plot points in Bynum’s homecoming narrative: his life-changing decision to move beyond coaching young athletes to teaching young people.

When he looks back on it all, Bynum says that when he had to make “weighty, heavy decisions” in his younger years, he would revisit a line from another literary source: Toad the Wet Sprocket’s “What I Fear.” “There’s a line that reads, ‘Whatever happens will be,’ ” he says. “I remember that ... it’s just going to be, and then that was the Emersonian zigzag. You can’t overly engineer; you just have to know that there’s something in front of you that you’re called to do.”

Among the other highlights in the issue: a fitting send-off to longtime head of school Bernie Noe, who convened a reunion in March of former Lakeside directors-turned-heads-of-schools and who (along with Zinda Foster) was presented in June with the Willard J. Wright ’32 Distinguished Service Award; reflections from eight alums at the challenging intersection of education and pandemic; thoughtful questions posed by archivist Leslie Schuyler about how and what to preserve in our history (How about the graffiti decorating the interior of the bell tower in Bliss Hall?); and this bit of joyful music: after two years of being confined to Zoom rooms and socially-distanced spaces on campus, the Lakeside School Jazz Band finally got a chance to play out — at the Royal Room in Columbia City. Lakeside’s digital content producer Mike Lengel produced a six-minute video featuring that performance along with the musicians’ thoughts on the educational and community importance of live music.

Inside the tower


Headshot of Lakeside Magazine contributor Dean Williams

Dean Williams (cover painting) is an accomplished artist and illustrator who studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Formerly based in Seattle, he now works from Los Angeles for publications, museums, movie studios, advertising companies, and celebrities. His clients include the San Diego Natural History Museum, Walt Disney Studios, Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, National Geographic, and The Washington Post. This is his second commission for Lakeside magazine. You can follow his work on Instagram @hdean56. 

Headshot of Lakeside Magazine contributor Zorn Taylor

Seattle-based photographer Zorn Taylor (“Live at the Royal Room,” page 6) previously shot the portraits of the Seattle-based Black alumni featured in our Spring-Summer 2021 gallery, “In Our Own Words.” His website is

Headshot of Lakeside Magazine contributor Elissa Martial

Elissa Martial ’22 — part of the newest class of Lakeside alumni — was an advanced art student in the Upper School when she created the digital paintings for this issue (“Student Showcase,” pages 10-11; “Lessons of the Pandemic,” page 28). Already selling her art commercially, Elissa will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall, where she’ll be enrolled in a program combining the study of art, business, and technology. You can find her work at and on Instagram @wavylinesem.

Headshot of Lakeside Magazine contributor Megan Burbank. Photo by Amanda Snyder.

Freelance journalist Megan Burbank (“Something That We Connect To,” page 22) has worked as an editor and reporter at the Portland Mercury and The Seattle Times. She specializes in culture writing and enterprise reporting on gender and health care, which she covers locally for Crosscut and The South Seattle Emerald and for national outlets including NPR and The New Republic. Photo credit: Amanda Snyder.

Headshot of Lakeside Magazine contributor Chloe Collyer

Photojournalist Chloe Collyer (“Class Connections,” page 37) is a fifth-generation Seattle native whose work has appeared in the New York Times, NPR, and Bloomberg Business, among other places.

Headshot of Lakeside Magazine contributor Katie Simmons

Katie McCullough Simmons (“The Heads Dinner,” page 18) is a professional fine art and portrait photographer, Lakeside parent and PGA volunteer, and regular contributor to Lakeside magazine. In addition to shooting for clients including Microsoft, NPR, and People magazine, she has shot the official portraits of Lakeside’s graduating seniors for the past 15 years.

In addition to Elissa Martial, several contributors to this issue juggled their magazine assignments alongside their coursework, including advanced photography students Dain Driscoll ’22 (“Made You Look,” page 2) and Jon P. ’23 (“Upper School Welcomes Ryan Boccuzzi,” page 7 and “Class Connections,” page 38). Student writers in the issue include Noa Roxborough ’22 (“Our Responsibility as Students,” page 5), whose professional credits already include The Seattle Times and the Toronto Globe and Mail; Imago editor and Tatler editor in chief Aaron Z. ’23 (“Felicia Wilks: Parting Thoughts, page 16); Tatler reporter Eliot A. ’24 (“Class Connections, page 37); and poet and Tatler reporter Lael G. ’25 (“28 Days,” page 52). In coming issues, students will play an increasing role in creating the magazine’s content.


Editor: Jim Collins 
Lakeside writers: Debbie Bensadon, Amanda Darling, Mike Lengel, Leslie Schuyler, Nickie Wallace
Alumni relations news: Amanda Campbell
Art director: Carol Nakagawa
Copy editor: Mark Watanabe

Proof Readers: Judy Bauer, Arianne True

Spring/Summer 2022 issue writers: Eliot A. ’24, Megan Burbank, Noa Roxborough ’22, Lael G. ’25, Aaron Z. ’23

Spring/Summer 2022 issue artists and photographers: Fred Birchman, Chloe Collyer, Dain Driscoll ’22, Paul Dudley, Michelle Kumata, Elissa Martial ’22, David Masuda, Skye McCaw ’17, Lindsay Orlowski, Tom Reese, Katie M. Simmons, Jon P. ’23, David O. Smith ’04, Zorn B. Taylor, Nano Visser, Dean Williams

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Upper School campus, Feb. 11, 2019. Photo by Greg Lowe.

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