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“Learning in the Time of the Coronavirus”


he Fall/Winter 2020 issue of Lakeside magazine explores how Lakeside students, staff, faculty, and alumni are responding to the difficult challenge of the global pandemic. Included in the issue is a shout-out to 15 Lakeside alumni doing essential work in fighting the spread of the virus. Their stories add to those of the “fast-responders” highlighted in the class notes section of last issue. Those contributions of wisdom, compassion, and leadership represent the best of a Lakeside education — and embody the school’s mission.

The cover image is cropped from a self-portrait shot for a class assignment last spring by Siddarth Hathi ’20. The striking image earned third place in the portrait category of the 2020 Washington State Photography Contest. Hathi was one 13 Lakeside students who received top honors, leading the school to its first championship in that competition since 2013. You can read more about the contest and see a slide show of winning entries here.

Red Square, deep in morning shadow. The COVID testing sandwich board was a sign of the season.

Original art by Lakeside Sketchbook artist David O. Smith ’04.


We’ve featured a poem in this issue by Deborah Bacharach ’84, P ’20. Deborah, the author of the forthcoming collection “Shake and Tremor” (Grayson Books, 2021), received an honorable mention for the 2020 Pushcart Prize.

Her work has been published in journals such as The Adroit Journal, Poetry Ireland Review, Vallum, The Carolina Quarterly, and The Southampton Review, among others. In addition to “Sophomore English,” Deborah has written other poems about high school and coming of age.

Here are three more we think you’ll like.

Kol Nidre

For Whicto

To be swallowed by cellos
and smoke like Buber’s thou—
it is not outside you, it stirs
in the depths of you—
I took
that secret pleasure, scrambled

through Augustine’s rubble
and squeezed by Descartes’
sharp angles. I put out my hands and felt
Nietzsche’s blunt cold walls.
And Plato, I sent my cry out,
and felt it come back in my bones.

I meant to carry the gold back:
What is true and just?
I am human. I am not the only one.

It’s Kol Nidre again.
I find myself thinking of you.
On this night, another chance.
Your belief in me so easily
pours into my cup. I sip it
nightly. Let it travel my veins.

Absolute Value

I try to
buy a used
math book
from Lynn.
Lynn, a tall
junior doesn’t
need Honors Algebra
anymore. She offers,
waves the book,
names a price,
but then
I lose her.

Maybe she’s
in the gym
playing volleyball.
She'll become
a volleyball star
at Harvard.
Maybe she's
slicing an apple.
She’ll increase
sales, coach
optimal apples.

I walk into
Geometry to catch
her. I say
I'm here
to buy your
book. She looks
confused. I
back away,

for whatever
kindness the gods
offer black girls
that tall skinny
Chris, the one
who loved espresso,
the one grounded
in Kierkegaard
never knew
I mistook her
for the only
other black girl.
But I’m sure
she knew.

I Know Where I was When Reagan Got Shot

I know you’re thinking — Reagan got shot? 
He did. I was in Honors’ Algebra Two,
Lakeside School, Seattle, WA, U. S. A. on the only
planet we know with life. 
Reagan was going to blow us up, had his finger
on the trigger, but I found a backroom tv
to watch him survive.

When the Challenger blew, I was in the lounge,
Mary Lyons’ dorm, Swarthmore College,
the only planet I cared about.
I said I didn’t care. I said the earthquake
in Indonesia, thousands vs. seven.
What did I know of children
rowed up in front of tvs?

Columbine just pissed me off.
I might have been in a car pulling out
of late afternoon, this bully filled universe.
The drone of blame — lax mothers, computer
games. The tvs wouldn’t turn off.

The Twin Towers in my new house
new job, new marriage, I knew
we should have expected this. 
Like we should have expected Iran,
Iraq, Afghanistan, a man-stalking tiger
with a face like the sun. TV,
I still sat watching
as though it were J.F.K
and this moment changed everything.


Editor: Jim Collins 
Writers: Amanda Darling, Leslie Schuyler, Mike Lengel
Alumni relations news: Kelly Poort
Art director: Carol Nakagawa
Contributing photographers: Tom Reese, Clayton Christy, Paul Dudley, Katie M. Simmons
Copy editor: Mark Watanabe

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Allen-Gates hall covered in snow

Upper School campus, Feb. 11, 2019. Photo by Greg Lowe.

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