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“The Power of Partnership”

This issue’s cover story offers a multifaceted glimpse into the work Lakeside does in partnership: short takes on the institutional, educational, professional, and personal collaborations that enrich the Lakeside student experience and expand a school’s potential for its impact in the world. The idea for the package was inspired, in part, by watching Lakeside’s new head of school, Kai Bynum, devote time during his first few months on the job to meeting with other heads of school around Seattle — a gesture that seemed both substantive and symbolic. The theme of leveraging individual strengths and perspec­tives with other partners shows up repeatedly at Lakeside over the school’s long history, from LEEP, the Lakeside Educational Enrichment Pro­gram (1965) to our Global Service Learning Program (2000) to the creation of The Downtown School (2018). We highlight these and other collaborations in a special 12-page report.

“It is important to work directly with those who use these services, learn their stories, form actual relationships with the partners whose mis­sion is to support these communities, and reflect on what we can do to make this world a better place. That is why we have the requirement.”— from “To Be a Proactive Participant,” by Bryan Smith, director of experiential education

Elsewhere in the issue: Lakeside Academic Dean Hans de Grys ruminates on the exciting and scary emergence of artificial intelligence in the classroom. A graphic look back to the first day of school last August, when incoming students were greeted by an unusual, subway-inspired map of their new campus. What organic gardening, gravel biking, and Venice’s famous bookstore Acqua Alta have in common (and why Lakeside staff and faculty are so grateful). The news of the end of the Rummage Sale. How UW’s “Captain Husky” cheerleader became a Lakeside family affair. Kudos to our unbeatable state champion volleyball team and our beloved long-time math teacher Tom Rona ’ 72, this year’s recipient of the Willard J. Wright ’32 Distinguished Service Award.


A digitally altered watercolor-esque portrait of contributor Fred Birchman

Artist and illustrator Fred Birchman (cover, illustrations for “Powerful Partnership,” pages 24-34) grew up in southwest Washington in the farming community of Battle Ground and received a BFA from Western Washington University in Bellingham. He worked for The Seattle Times from 1984 to 1993 as a designer, illustrator, and art director, where he won several Awards of Excellence from the Society of Newspaper Design. From 2000 to 2013 he was art director/creative director for Previous covers for Lakeside magazine include “The Education of Bernie Noe” and “The Next 100 Years.”

Shamaar stands smiling in a suit and tie

Local freelance reporter Shamaar Thomas (“Coaching at a Higher Level,” page 26) graduated from UW in 2022 with a major in journalism/public interest and a minor in diversity. His articles have appeared in The Seattle Times, South Seattle Emerald, and The Capitol Hill Seattle News blog, among other places.


A school photo of Bryan C. '24

The work of 3-D artist and game developer Bryan C. ’24 appears in a few places in this issue. He created the Imago promotional poster shown on our inside front cover (“Made You Look,” page 2) and created the AI prompts for illustrations on our table of contents page and for “Enter the Chatbot” (pages 20, 22).

A headshot of Amanda Snyder, wearing leather jacket

Megan Burbank (“Conduit to the City,” page 25) is a professional writer and journalist whose enterprise reporting focuses on reproductive health policy and stories at the nexus of gender, culture, and politics. She previously wrote our Spring/Summer 2022 cover story introducing incoming Head of School Kai Bynum.

A smiling headshot of Rod Mar, in a black shirt on a gray background

Award-winning sports photographer Rod Mar (page 42) is the team photographer for the Seattle Seahawks. Following a two-decade career as a photojournalist with The Seattle Times, Rod has shot for editorial and commercial clients including Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Players’ Tribune, NBC Sports, and Major League Soccer.

David stands in front of a lake, posed behind one of his own plein air paintings

David Orrin Smith ’04 (“Lakeside Sketchbook,” pages 4-5) brought together two lifetime passions for his plein air paintings of Lakeside’s crew practices. After rowing at Lakeside and Dartmouth, he became a five-time member of the U.S. National Team, winning bronze medals at the World Rowing Championships in 2015 and 2018. Now pursuing mastery in the visual arts of drawing and painting, David has taken on increasingly ambitious commercial and private commissioned projects, portraits, figures, and landscapes. He entered one of his Lakeside paintings in the 2023 “Best of Gage” competition at Gage Academy of Art, where it won first place in the Landscape/Nature category.

Five members of the 2022-2023 Tatler newspaper staff contributed articles to this issue. Shown from left to right: Eliot A. ’24 (“A Dream Financial Aid Program,” page 14), Rohan D. ’25 (“Expanding the Toolkit,” page 25), Amber P. ’25 (“A Part of the Scientific Community,” page 27), Angelina P. ’24 (“Connecting on the Ground,” page 24), Hallie Xu ’23 (“The Play’s the Thing,” page 31). A sixth Tatler staffer, Fiona L. ’24, created the “Head Note” illustration (page 2) along with fellow advanced art student Lexie R. ’24.

Black-and-white portraits of 5 students in front of a colorful graphic background



Editor: Jim Collins 
Lakeside writers: Kai Bynum, Jim Collins, Amanda Darling, Hans de Grys, Mike Lengel, Leslie Schuyler, Bryan Smith
Alumni relations news: Amanda Campbell
Art director: Carol Nakagawa
Copy editor: Mark Watanabe

Editorial assistant: Lorelei S. ’25

Proof Readers: Judy Bauer, Arianne True ’09

Spring/Summer 2023 issue writers: Carrie Elin Petersen ’80 Awbrey, Megan Burbank, Makayla Miles, Julia Randall ’20, Shamaar Thomas, Eliot A. ’24, Rohan D. ’25, Amber P. ’24, Angelina P. ’24, Hallie Xu ’23

Spring/Sumer 2023 issue artists and photographers: Tawfiq Abdulaziz, Fred Birchman, Bryan C. ’24, Nate Chaoweeraprasit ’22, Clayton Christy, Chloe Collyer, Paul Dudley, Fiona L. ’24, Mike Lengel, John Lok, Rod Mar, Lindsay Orlowski, Jon Purcell ’23, Lexie R. ’24, Jane Ridgeway ’05, Katie M. Simmons, David O. Smith ’04, Nano Visser, Max Waugh


Lakeside magazine is published twice yearly, in winter and summer, by the communications office of Lakeside School. To view past issues, visit us on issuu.

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