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“The Education of Bernie Noe”

Awide-ranging, candid interview between former Lakeside editor Carey Quan Gelernter and outgoing (don’t say “retiring”) Head of School Bernie Noe anchors the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of Lakeside magazine, which honors the legacy of Noe’s tenure as the school’s leader. Included in the coverage are a timeline history of highlights and milestones, a remarkable document from the Jane Carlson Williams ’60 archives (Noe’s directly challenging speech to the faculty at the start of his fourth year), an appreciation of “Lakeside’s Head Coach” from director of athletics Chris Hartley, and Noe’s parting thoughts in his final “Head Note” column.

The edited interview that appears in the printed magazine is an excerpt of two long conversations with Noe at the start of his 23rd and final year at Lakeside. Below, we provide a link to an even more expansive and wide-ranging transcript of those conversations. The portrait was shot by Katie M. Simmons at the head of school’s house in October 2021.

Lakeside will continue to celebrate the career and legacy of Bernie Noe until the end of his term in June 2022. You can find more about the celebration here.

I knew global education was the future. At Sidwell, I was in charge of global education. I’d lived overseas for six years. I knew there was a whole world out there, coming on strong. And technology was going to level the playing field; the internet was just getting up and running. And I knew you couldn’t be a great school if you don’t have all kinds of kids from everywhere. One of my most important roles was to make note of what was happening in the world, making sure what was happening was reflected in a relevant education. Bernie Noe, Lakeside Head of School, 1999-2022



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Upper School campus, Feb. 11, 2019. Photo by Greg Lowe.

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