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Spring 2019: "It takes a village"

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"In good company" explores how Lakeside provides special resources for families. Read a sample of recent articles by administrators and staff written for parents and guardians.

"The Internationals" from the Class of 2019, clockwise from front left: Corbin C., Sanjay R., Bryce T., Carl S., and Colin T. 

Behind the scenes - "The Internationals"

1. The equations on the blackboard – actual physics and math problems from the international competitions attended by Sanjay, Colin, and Carl – were written out by Lakeside’s resident handwriting and calligraphy artist, Caitlyn Rosellini, Upper School administrative assistant.

2. The vintage wooden chess set was loaned for the photo by chess team advisor Brian Reiser '09. Bryce chose the chess position on the board, explaining, “White has just moved 9b.4. I played this move in the second round of the 2016 North American Open in Las Vegas. My opponent was Grandmaster Akshat Chandra. Speaking accurately, what I played might simply be referred to as a new idea in well-known variation of the Sicilian Najdorf Opening. However, I might call it ‘The Thunderbolt,’ since the move was shocking, hard to understand, and yet incredibly strong.” The move rattled Chandra, who never recovered and lost the match.

3. The hand-carved table in the photo, borrowed from Pigott Memorial Library for the occasion, originally resided right here in McKay Chapel.

4. Corbin holds the wooden bat he used to hit three home runs with 15 runs batted in during the U-18 Pan-American Championships. His batting average over the eight-game tournament was an even .500.

5. The photograph was arranged by professional Seattle-based photographer Katie M. Simmons, a Lakeside parent whose artistic black-and-white senior portraits have been displayed in the Wright Community Center each spring since 2016. Helping her on the shoot was lighting assistant Brent Osborne.


Editor: Jim Collins 
Writers: Amanda Darling, Jim Collins, Leslie Schuyler, Mike Lengel
Alumni relations news: Kelly Poort
Art director: Carol Nakagawa
Contributing photographers: Tom Reese, Clayton Christy, Paul Dudley, Katie M. Simmons
Graphics: Lindsay Orlowski
Copy editor: Mark Watanabe

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The fall 2019 issue of Lakeside magazine will commemorate Lakeside School’s 100th anniversary. For a special edition of class notes, we’re inviting all Lakeside and St. Nicholas alumni to share not current news but rather a memory from your time as students – the funniest or strangest thing that happened to you in school; a story of friendship; a formative classroom experience; a life lesson learned on the stage or playing field; an anecdote from an outdoor trip, etc.

Email memories and photos to by Aug. 1, 2019. If you can’t decide between two great memories, send them both! We’ll print as many in the centennial issue as we have room for. Thanks for sharing!

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