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“Black at Lakeside”

The Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Lakeside magazine amplifies the experiences, stories, and voices of Black alumni. In her reporting for one of the issue’s lead features, “Black at Lakeside,” author Selin Thomas listened to some 30 former students and faculty members and current administrators. She noted, “What emerged in the voices I heard is an incomplete piece of the Lakeside story. It is fragmented be­cause it has never been systemati­cally written down or tied together, allowing a keen isolation to persist among the Black alumni commu­nity…”  

This issue provides a platform for voices that, for the most part, have been missing from the collected and recorded parts of Lakeside’s history. On a systemic level, it is a start and it is overdue. Presented here are the full interviews of the six alumni who contributed their personal stories to the issue’s feature “In Our Own Words.” A seventh alum, Dr. Lora-Ellen McKinney ’73, Lakeside’s first female Black graduate, graciously contributed an excerpt for the gallery from a chapter in her forthcoming memoir — a chapter that is now a part of the collection of contributed histories in Lakeside’s Jane Carlson Williams ’60 Archives. 

Jazmyn Scott ’97

Isiah Brown ’16

Ashley Ellis ’04

Jamari Torrence ’10

Takiyah Jackson ’95

Malika Fisher ’88 Klingler

I knew that I would have the burden that so many of us do, we Black students in white spaces: to be twice as good, twice as smart, twice as (fill in the blank) because whites were likely to credit us only for half of our true presentations. Or less than half. In my family, I had several jobs: to keep my room clean, be polite and helpful to my elders, be an excellent student, and to exceed the “twice as good as” rule. Dr. Lora-Ellen McKinney ’73

Dr. Lora-Ellen McKinney's reflection was excerpted and adapted from a longer memoir, which has been added to the “Contributed Histories” in Lakeside’s Jane Carlson Williams ’60 Archives. Read her full contributed history here



A third feature in the issue, “Our Work Together: Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Lakeside — a hopeful report” by Director of Communications Amanda Darling, presents a hopeful report about Lakeside’s ongoing work in equity and inclusion. You can check out the Our Work Together dashboard that tracks and measures how we are doing on our DEI initiative’s four goals, including what’s going well and what needs improvement. 

We want to thank every person who contributed to this issue of Lakeside magazine. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. 

Our Work Together

View the dashboard for the Our Work Together: Inclusion, Multiculturalism, Respect initiative.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Lakeside: A hopeful report

Read the full article from the Spring/Summer 2021 issue.

Parents and Guardians Association DEI resources

Lakeside's Parents and Guardians Association launched a DEI resources webpage and a lending library for parents and guardians to help community members develop an equity and inclusion mindset.


Editor: Jim Collins 
Staff writers: Amanda Darling, Jim Collins, Leslie Schuyler, Ari Worthman, Chris Hartley
Alumni relations news: Kelly Poort
Art director: Carol Nakagawa
Copy editor: Mark Watanabe

Summer 2021 magazine writers: Selin Thomas, Asha Vassar '89 Youmans, Julia Randall '20, Storme Webber '77, Dylan T. '22, Sydney Y. '22, Hallie X. '23, Aaron Z. '23

Summer 2021 magazine artists and photographers: Elena Coby '96 Jenkins, Matt D'Alessio, Eliaichi Kimaro P'24, Paul Dudley, Sydney Y. '22, David O. Smith '04, Fred Birchman, Zinda K. Foster, Brenetta Ward, Zorn B. Taylor, Jerry Mettelus, Ben Tankersley, Brandon Ruffin, Jessica Rycheal, Chloe Jackman, Obatala Mawusi, Kelley Raye, Chloe Collyer, Tom Reese, Clayton Christy, Katie M. Simmons

Summer 2021 magazine advisory committee: April Joseph P ’14, 18, 21, Brandon Vaughan ’06, Jazmyn Scott ’97, Khatsini Simani ’10, Paul Johnson ’84, Phyllis Byrdwell

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