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Spring/Summer 2020, The Centennial Part II: "The Next 100 Years"


he Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Lakeside magazine caps the 100th anniversary year of Lakeside School. Produced in a worrying and fast-changing present, with a hundred years of context informing it, the forward-looking issue explores Lakeside’s role in preparing students for the uncertainties and challenges of the next century. The package of cover stories is highlighted by Eric Hudson’s reporting on Lakeside’s shift to emphasizing competencies and mindsets in its educational program (“Lakeside’s Re-envisioning”). A description of physics teacher Mike Town’s avalanche science unit gives a glimpse of what Lakeside classes in the future will increasingly include: unstructured problem-solving, collaboration, hands-on learning, real-world context. And a gallery of “futurists” showcases a half-dozen areas where Lakeside alumni are actively anticipating — and in some cases creating — the future.

Kicking off the issue is a visual taste of a powerful installation co-created last fall by Lakeside students and the school’s first artist-in-residence, Soo Hong. Here’s a slide show of the creation of “Rain Village,” from Soo Hong’s conceptual drawings to the students’ 3-D printed raindrops, from the topo-map wall projection of Seattle to the finished 96-foot-long mural that, for a time, transformed the Pigott Family Arts Center.

The Spring/Summer issue is forward-looking in another important way: Carol Nakagawa has refreshed typography and page templates that have been in place for more than ten years — ever since Carol redesigned her first issue as the magazine’s new art director in 2009. The former art director of Pacific Northwest Magazine, Carol worked in the editorial and art departments of the Seattle Times for 26 years before starting at Lakeside. “I think the new design expands our toolbox for telling stories,” she says. “I like that it reflects Lakeside’s deep tradition as well as its commitment to change.” The new LAKESIDE masthead, for instance, is set in Trajan sans, a distinctly modern sans-serif offshoot of Trajan, the classical typeface derived from the famous inscription at the base of Trajan’s column in Rome (and used for the Lakeside School’s official logotype).

Spring/Summer 2020 cover

Fall/Winter 2012 cover

The current redesign is the result of a collaborative process that involved alumni, readers, staff, and editor Jim Collins, whose son, Virgil, graduated in June with Lakeside’s Class of 2020. That socially-distanced, “drive-in-movie style” commencement was the subject of the debut of the “Lakeside Sketchbook,” in which Seattle-based artist David O. Smith ’04 will regularly share his impressions of an annual ritual or school event. In this current moment when so much of school life has suddenly moved online and become virtual, it felt especially meaningful to have an artist’s hand capture the essence of such a personal milestone.

In addition to being a Lakeside graduate, David is an amateur musician, holder of degrees in Italian and landscape architecture, and a five-time member of the US national rowing team.

You can see more of David's art here:


Editor: Jim Collins 
Writers: Amanda Darling, Leslie Schuyler, Ari Worthman, Mike Lengel
Alumni relations news: Kelly Poort
Art director: Carol Nakagawa
Contributing photographers: Tom Reese, Clayton Christy, Paul Dudley, Katie M. Simmons
Copy editor: Mark Watanabe

Lakeside magazine is published twice yearly, in fall and spring, by the communications office of Lakeside School. To view past issues, visit us on issuu.

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Allen-Gates hall covered in snow

Upper School campus, Feb. 11, 2019. Photo by Greg Lowe.

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