An Independent School • Grades 5-12

See Inside a Classroom

What happens when engaged students are paired with inspiring teachers? Peek inside a classroom to find out.

Bringing the Outside World In

Students deepen their understanding of the world, one guest speaker at a time.  

Middle School English: Graphic storytelling

Eighth grade English students learn to recognize and analyze the elements of visual storytelling, then take on a creative challenge of their own.

H417 Ancient Empires: Rome and Han compared

History teacher Emily Pace engages students in investigating the ancient world's influence on today. 

The “try” in chemistry

Lakeside chemistry students are exploring open ended, inquiry-driven investigations. 

Upper School History: Diving into project-based learning

History teacher Katie Piper explores how meaningful, authentic projects drive learning.

Family food traditions in 5th grade humanities

Lakeside 5th graders started off the school year by researching and writing about family food traditions.

Upper School Science: Environmental responsibility

Science students studying ecology and engineering worked together to provide critical nesting habitats to vulnerable bird species.

Middle School Drama: Design thinking

Seventh graders create custom costumes for faculty “clients” in an intensive design thinking project.

Upper School French: Real learning

Picture books that create opportunities for student learning

Upper School English: The Harkness method

Questions to get to the heart of the Harkness method

Studies in literature: Chaos Theory

Upper School English teacher Erik Christensen explains his syllabus. 

Literary explorations: A quest for queer literature

Upper School English teacher Lindsay Aegerter shares the inspiration for the course, and how students guide the curriculum. 

Meet a Teacher: Granya O'Neill

Math teaching Granya O'Neill unlocks a passion for math in middle-schoolers

Meet a Teacher: Caryn Abrey

A playground model in Upper School physiology

Meet a Teacher: Jillian Tsai

Jillian Tsai creates an immersive cultural experience in Middle School Chinese classes. 

Meet a Teacher: Alban Dennis

Drama teacher Alban Dennis prepares students to shine under the spotlight.