An Independent School • Grades 5-12

See Inside a Classroom

What happens when engaged students are paired with inspiring teachers? Peek inside a classroom to find out.

Middle School English: Connecting through poetry

Eighth graders sipped tea and munched on rice crackers as they experimented with Renga poetry.

Meet a Teacher: Emily Chu

Upper School English teacher Emily Chu ’05 on how Lakeside’s mission-driven diversity and equity work plays out in her classroom.

Advanced Physics: Applications in Engineering

Follow the Advanced Physics class to a different classroom - the snowy trails of Snoqualmie Pass - where they're studying snow layering and avalanches.

Upper School Math: Folding in a lesson

Introducing students to mathematical skills and each other

Middle School Personal Development: Mapping Values

Students consider their values and goals in an interdisciplinary project.

Middle School Drama: Seattle Stories

Sixth graders write and perform monologues based on personal experiences.

Upper School History: Voice and Choice

Students become “experts” on topics of their choice.

Meet a Teacher: Tom Doelger

Moving beyond easy answers in Upper School English

Middle School History: Imperfect Heroes

What does it mean to stand up for what is right?

Meet a Teacher: Michelle Wahlin

Finding a path to a career in science

Meet a Teacher: Chip Mehring

Attempting to summit Mount Baker

Middle School Digital Life: Coding Portfolios

Sixth-graders code a digital portfolio featuring their artwork.

Summer School Photography: Finding a Medium

Students in the summer school’s photography class cover the whole of Photography I in an intense six-week period.

Meet a Teacher: Angie Orr

Test prep in Upper School geometry

Meet a Teacher: Andy Law

Laughing and learning in Middle School English

How Lakeside teaches film

Lakeside’s Upper School faculty share some of the why and how of three film-related classes

Upper School English: Essays on Identity

Connecting lived experience to literature

Meet a Teacher: Alban Dennis

Drama teacher Alban Dennis prepares students to shine under the spotlight.

Meet a Teacher: Tom Doelger

Moving beyond easy answers in Upper School English