An Independent School • Grades 5-12

See Inside a Classroom

What happens when engaged students are paired with inspiring teachers? Peek inside a classroom to find out.

Designing a remote learning workspace

Faculty share their work with students to create remote workspaces.

Family food traditions in 5th grade humanities

Lakeside 5th graders started off the school year by researching and writing about family food traditions.

Personal development and wellness

Lakeside has reorganized and expended classes related to wellness and personal development into the new 5-12 department.

Upper School Photography: Photojournalism as truth-telling

Photography teacher Barry Wong teaches the power of photojournalism.

Literary explorations: A quest for queer literature

Upper School English teacher Lindsay Aegerter shares the inspiration for the course, and how students guide the curriculum. 

Meet a Teacher: Alban Dennis

Drama teacher Alban Dennis prepares students to shine under the spotlight.

Upper School Math: Folding in a lesson

Introducing students to mathematical skills and each other

Meet a Teacher: Caryn Abrey

A playground model in Upper School physiology

Meet a Teacher: Emily Chu

Upper School English teacher Emily Chu ’05 on how Lakeside’s mission-driven diversity and equity work plays out in her classroom.

Studies in literature: Chaos Theory

Upper School English teacher Erik Christensen explains his syllabus. 

Meet a Teacher: Jillian Tsai

Jillian Tsai creates an immersive cultural experience in Middle School Chinese classes. 

Upper School History: Voice and choice

Students become “experts” on topics of their choice.

Middle School History: Imperfect heroes

What does it mean to stand up for what is right?

Advanced Physics: Applications in engineering

Follow the Advanced Physics class to a different classroom - the snowy trails of Snoqualmie Pass - where they're studying snow layering and avalanches.

Upper School French: Real learning

Picture books that create opportunities for student learning

Middle School Drama: Seattle stories

Sixth graders write and perform monologues based on personal experiences.

Middle School Digital Life: Students put media to the test

Middle School students learn news literacy in the age of fake news.

Middle School English: Connecting through poetry

Eighth graders sipped tea and munched on rice crackers as they experimented with Renga poetry.

Upper School English: Essays on identity

Connecting lived experience to literature

Meet a Teacher: Granya O'Neill

Math teaching Granya O'Neill unlocks a passion for math in middle-schoolers