An Independent School • Grades 5-12

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In the Classroom

What happens when engaged students are paired with inspiring teachers? Peek inside a classroom to find out.

Meet a Teacher: Alban Dennis

Drama teacher Alban Dennis prepares students to shine under the spotlight.

How Lakeside teaches film

Lakeside’s Upper School faculty share some of the why and how of three film-related classes

Upper School Math: Folding in a lesson

Introducing students to mathematical skills and each other

Middle School Life Skills: Mapping Values

Students consider their values and goals in an interdisciplinary project.

Upper School English: Essays on Identity

Connecting lived experience to literature

Meet a Teacher: Meera Patankar

"Arabian Nights" is a window for cultural understanding in the Middle School.

Upper School History: Voice and Choice

Students become “experts” on topics of their choice.

Meet a Teacher: Tom Doelger

Moving beyond easy answers in Upper School English

Middle School History: Imperfect Heroes

What does it mean to stand up for what is right?

Meet a Teacher: Michelle Wahlin

Finding a path to a career in science

Meet a Teacher: Chip Mehring

Attempting to summit Mount Baker

Middle School Digital Life: Coding Portfolios

Sixth-graders code a digital portfolio featuring their artwork.

Summer School Photography: Finding a Medium

Students in the summer school’s photography class cover the whole of Photography I in an intense six-week period.

Meet a Teacher: Angie Orr

Test prep in Upper School geometry

Meet a Teacher: Andy Law

Laughing and learning in Middle School English
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