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Personal Development and Wellness

The personal development program at Lakeside Middle School teaches students about the development of the adolescent brain, body, and mind. Through learning about current neuroscience research on decision-making and reflecting on their own values, students come to a greater understanding of what they believe and why. They also learn about and practice interpersonal skills – how they communicate and interact with others. A goal of the program is for students to use their knowledge and skills to make smart decisions about their relationships with and responsibilities to their immediate community and the larger world.

Classes at all grade levels of the Middle School deal with similar topics but at different, developmentally appropriate levels, using methods such as role-playing and talking through real-world situations. Topics covered include values and identity; friendships and other relationships; mindfulness; effective communication; mental and emotional health; and stereotypes. Activities and assignments regularly encourage students to talk with family members about what they’re learning.

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SPARC: Applying passions to real causes

Students research an issue or cause that they believe in, then complete a personal action step in 8th-grade Personal Development.