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Welcome to Lakeside! Our 5th-12th grade program offers students a dynamic experience designed to support their educational growth and social-emotional needs. Academic excellence is a foundational part of what we do here, and also just the beginning. Alongside a committed and talented faculty, our students grow as people, always refining and developing their own beliefs and values. We encourage exploration. We teach students how to apply a critical lens to the world around them. We affirm that Lakeside is a place where every student can bring their full self. And we know the strength in this community is found in the friendships that extend far beyond this campus. 

We invite you to learn more. 

Lakeside students have a demonstrated joy for learning and a record of academic success within the context of their own experience; a willingness to be open-minded and positively engaged in a diverse community; and the skills, potential, and desire to progress within our program. 

Spaces available for new students

Middle School

5th grade - 34 spaces
6th grade - 51 spaces
7th grade - 0-2 spaces*
8th grade - 0-2 spaces*

Upper School

9th grade - 60-65 spaces
10th grade - 0-2 spaces*
11th grade - 0-2 spaces*
12th grade - 0 spaces

We typically receive about seven to eight applications for every available space.

*availability based on attrition. 

Our School at a Glance

Fast Facts

Compelling numbers from the 2023-2024 school year.

Financial Aid

Lakeside commits to meeting 100 percent of calculated need for tuition.

Important Dates

View a comprehensive list of important dates. 

Upper School Academics

Upper School classes are dynamic, challenging, engaging... and sometimes life changing.

Middle School Academics

Academic success and healthy personal development go hand in hand at Lakeside Middle School.


Mentored by engaged coaches and cheered by spirited fans, Lakeside students are growing and excelling as athletes and teammates.


In studios, rehearsal rooms, and on the stage, Lakeside students create meaningful art while developing a deeper understanding of who they are.


Experiential Education

For Lakesiders, learning takes place everywhere: in our local community, in our region, and around the world. 

Health and Wellness

What do you care about? How do you connect with others? These questions are at the core of Lakeside's human development and health classes.


Our community comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our diversity is part of our strength, and our mission. 


Getting to and from school is an important part of the school day, and Lakeside wants students and families to travel safely and conveniently.

Lakeside Curriculum Guides

2023-2024 Upper School Curriculum Guide

2023-2024 Middle School Curriculum Guide

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Phone: 206-368-3605

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Lakeside School prohibits discrimination on any basis protected under federal, state, or municipal law.

This policy applies to all areas of the school, whether student-related, such as admissions, athletics, educational policies, financial aid, and other school-administered programs; or employee-related, such as hiring, compensation, discipline, promotion, and termination. Lakeside School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.