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Alumni Lives

Arianne True ’09

Mentor and poet

Curtis Midkiff ’92

Uplifting through arts and technology

Mericos Hector Rhodes ’10

Ecological farming.

Eugene Yi ’04

Fostering constructive conversation

Christine Dehlendorf ’92

Person-centered healthcare

Steffan Soule ’79

Value-based magic

Isabella McShea ’16

Serving children with cancer at Camp Agape Northwest

John Baker ’60

Restoring habitats in Oregon

Erick Matsen ’96

Chasing radical scientific ideas

L'Erin Asantewaa ’97

Healing, transformative, and restorative justice

Paul Johnson ’84

DEI in education

Amerra Sheckles ’14

High-quality education, resources, and opportunity

Alan Loveless ’86

Helping students feel welcome

Ericka Ward ’08

Culturally sustaining early education

Briaan Barron ’09

Digital storytelling

Weston Gaylord ’11

Intersection of technology and storytelling

Catherine Olsson ’08

Potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence

Ian McKay ’06

Battery chemistry

Tess Rinearson ’11

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, future of digital transactions

Daniel Kan ’05

Cruise self-driving automobiles

Nick Donald ’07

Distributed agriculture

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