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Alumni Lives

Lakeside and St. Nicholas alumni are going places. Learn about some of their journeys.

Martha Brockenbrough ’88

Writing for those with open minds (young or otherwise).

Q&A: Five alumni authors

We asked five recently published authors from the Lakeside Goodreads group to respond to a few questions.

Aditya Sood and Chris Miller, Class of 1993

The Buddy Movie

Seth Gordon '94

Revealing a one-off perspective

Connie Bourque Talbott ’83 and Amy Woodruff ’83

Answering the Call to Courage

Betsy McCagg Hills ’85 and Mary McCagg-Larin ’85

Racing With "Insanely Powerful" Champs

Lt. Col. Tim Curry ’94

A Decorated Officer

Kirk Johnson '78

The People's Paleontologist

Celina Schocken '91

2014 Distinguished Alumni Award

Jim Olson '58

2016 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner

Maria Eitel ’80

2013 Distinguished Alumni Award

Nat Burgess '85

Framing Life: The Bruce Burgess Photo Archive

John "Tico" McNutt '75

2015 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner

Dr. Emily Johnston ’81

Taking Charge
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