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Introducing the Lakeside School Alumni App

We are excited to announce the launch of the Lakeside School Alumni App, through which our alumni can easily and securely network and connect with fellow alums around the world.

Or access the app on the web.

App features include:

  • “Alumni Nearby” – Use the geolocation to find alumni in your area. Traveling or moving to a new city? Search by city or zip to see alumni in that area.
  • “Professionals to Know” – Log in with your LinkedIn credentials or connect to your LinkedIn account to easily connect with alumni in your industry.
  • Classmates – Easily connect with members of your graduating class.
  • Directory – Connect with alumni around the world. Search by name, education, city, Lakeside sports/activities, etc. Update your own contact information quickly and easily.
  • News and Social – Stay up-to-date on Lakeside with links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can use the Lakeside School Alumni App?
A: Any Lakeside or St. Nicholas alumna/alumnus. Your information is protected and only fellow alumni have access. Please remember that this app is only for members of the Lakeside and St. Nicholas community. The sharing of information outside of the alumni network is prohibited.

Q: What can I use this app for?
A: The Lakeside School Alumni App is an online platform intended to help alumni from various class years, programs, and fields connect with one another. You can use the app to build personal connections and tap into the professional expertise of Lakeside and St. Nicholas alumni. Whether you’re moving to a new city, traveling, or looking for your next career step, the app can help facilitate your new connections. See “App Features” for more information about what the app makes possible for users.

Q: What information is available for other alumni to see?
A: Information available in the app is the same as what was previously available through our online alumni directory. This may include your name, address, phone number, email address, and education. If you had requested to hide some of your personal information in the online directory, those requests were carried over to the app directory. See "How do I customize my privacy settings or update my contact information?" below for more on this topic.

Q: Who manages the app?
A: The app is managed by the Lakeside School alumni office, on a platform created and supported by EverTrue. The platform is used by more than 350 colleges, universities, and independent schools around the world.

Q: I don't have a smartphone so how can I access the alumni directory?
A: A web-based version of the alumni directory is available at Features on the app, including “Alumni Nearby” and “Professionals to Know,” will be available on the web-based version by fall 2017.

Signing up

Q: How do I get the app on my mobile device?
A: The app is available in the App Store or Google Play store – click the links or search for "Lakeside School Alumni App" and download to your iOS or Android devices.

Q: How do I log in?
A: You can sign up with your email address or log in with your LinkedIn account.

If using an email and password, you will need to verify your email. Head over to your inbox to find a confirmation email. Simply click on the confirmation link and return to the app to proceed.

If you select LinkedIn, you'll be redirected to LinkedIn where you will enter your username and password. If your LinkedIn email or your username email match the email address that the Lakeside alumni office has on file, you will be able to access the app immediately. If not, the app administrators will review your request and may ask for additional information to confirm your identity.

Q: Which of my email addresses do I use to sign up for the app?
A: Please sign up using your primary email. This will ensure you receive all necessary communications regarding the app and login process.

Q: Can I log in with more than one email address?
A: Like most online platforms, you will set a unique username/email and password to access the community. Whether you create a new set of credentials or log in using LinkedIn, only one email can be used to access the community. If you wish to change your login email, please contact the Lakeside alumni office at or 206-368-3606.

Q: What does it mean when my information is under review?
A: Your information security is important to us. If the email address you use to log in is not found in Lakeside's database, we will have an administrator confirm your identity using the information you provided. After your identity is confirmed, you will immediately gain access to the app.

Navigating within the app

Q: How do I navigate to settings in the app?
A: In the app, you can access settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the menu page.

Q: How do I log out of the app?
A: To log out, click settings, which is the gear icon located in the top right corner of the menu page, and select "Log Out."

Q: How do I customize my privacy settings or update my contact information?
A: Unless otherwise indicated, your primary contact information will be visible in the app; this includes your name, address, phone number, email, and education.

If you wish to customize your settings so that particular information will not be visible to other alumni, go to your profile and click the "Suggest an Update" button located at the bottom of your screen. You will then be given a free text box to submit any updates and/or privacy requests you wish to make. Please note that it may take up to five business days for changes to appear.

Q: My classmate/friend's information is not current – how can I help update it?
A: Use the "Suggest an Update" button to let us know about changes for a fellow alum. The alumni office will confirm these changes with the alum in question before they are published.

Connecting via LinkedIn

Q: Why should I connect my LinkedIn account?
A: The Lakeside School Alumni App allows you to connect and network with other Lakesiders using LinkedIn. Being connected via LinkedIn also enhances some of the app's built-in features, like "Professionals to Know" and other filtering options.

Once you are connected via LinkedIn, you can view information that people have included in their LinkedIn profiles along with the number of connections you have in common. Anything marked as private in LinkedIn remains private. Don't forget to list Lakeside School or St. Nicholas School in the education section of your LinkedIn profile, and be sure to join the Lakeside School/St. Nicholas School Alumni LinkedIn group!

Q: How do I connect to my LinkedIn account?
A: You can log in to the app using your LinkedIn credentials, which will automatically connect your LinkedIn account to your profile. However, if you choose to authenticate using a different email and password, you can still connect your LinkedIn account via settings. Simply click the gear icon at the top right of the menu page and enable LinkedIn.

Career networking and mentoring

Q: Can the app help me get a job, or hire someone?
A: When you download the Alumni App, you gain insights and connections that can help you advance your personal and professional goals. The app is not intended as a job placement or posting service, but is offered as a tool for alumni seeking advice and mentorship. When you reach out to a fellow alumna/alumnus, be upfront about what you hope to give and gain.

Q: If someone reaches out to me, how should I respond?
A: You are encouraged to provide advice and offer guidance to fellow alumni. If time permits, you could offer to have coffee or take a call with an alum. There is no minimum requirement for engagement.

Q: I’m interested being a professional resource for other alumni, how can I share that?
A: You can elect to become a mentor! Use the “Wiling to Mentor” toggle under settings (see “Navigating within the app” in this FAQ) to communicate with other alumni that you are willing to share your professional expertise.

Q: What sort of time commitment is required of being a mentor?
A: There is no minimum commitment or expectation, although we do ask that mentors be responsive to other alums’ contacts. It is expected that any mentor/mentee interaction is driven by the mentee.

Q: If someone doesn’t identify as a mentor, can I still reach out to them?
A: Of course! However, they may not be aware of how you got their contact info, so please mention the app when you reach out.

Using special functions like search

Q: How do I search for people using the directory?
A: To perform a search in the directory, click the magnifying glass located in the top right corner of the directory screen. You can search by name and/or filter by several other useful fields like year of graduation, location, or activity (for example, soccer, theater, Tatler, etc.)

Q: How do I search for people nearby?
A: Click on the "Alumni Nearby" tab in the sidebar navigation. A map will appear with pushpins indicating people in your area. Clicking on a pushpin will open that alum's listing in the directory. To view that alum's full profile, click the round information button to the right of their name. You may also click on "List" in the bottom right corner of the map to view a list of people nearby.

Traveling or looking to meet up with alumni in other cities? You can search for users across the globe by entering any zip code, city, state or country in the search bar at the top of the screen. The map feature will navigate to that location and show you constituents listed in that part of the world.

To search for an alum by name in the map feature, click on the magnifying glass/search icon at the top right of the map. You can also use the magnifying glass for more advanced search and filter options.

Q: Does the app show my current location?
A: The pins in the "Alumni Nearby" feature indicate the address in the directory. Downloading the app will not track or display your current location.

Q: Who are my "Professionals to Know"?
A: If connected to LinkedIn, the app will use your self-identified LinkedIn industry to pull a list of other alums in that same industry. This is a great way to network within your field.

Q: Can I access Lakeside's Facebook, Twitter, website, etc. directly from the app?
A: Absolutely! We have included links to Lakeside's website and social media pages in the app. Just head on over to "News and Social" and browse around. Use the down arrow located at the top right corner of the screen to navigate to other linked pages.

Q: Can I remove my profile from the app? If so, how?
A: If you would like to keep your record/profile hidden to other users, use the "Hide My Information" toggle under settings (the gear icon in the top right of the menu screen) after logging in to the app. This will remove your profile from the directory, map feature, and class list. Alternatively, you can contact us via the "Suggest an Update" button at the bottom of your profile (in the app) to assist you.