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Artistic choice

Try a variety of art forms or go deep in one - it's your choice.
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In Lakeside’s drama, music, and visual arts classrooms, we strive to create environments where students can learn powerful lessons about resilience, ingenuity, and empathy. Engagement in the arts helps students understand the value of sustained effort over time; increases their ability to approach a problem from a variety of angles; and deepens their interest in and ability to relate to other people – all which are of lifelong importance.

Teaching the creative process is at the heart of all of our arts courses. Our faculty and coaches lead students towards a deep engagement with the creative process: generating original ideas, testing different approaches, collaborating with peers, incorporating feedback, and building resilience as they move towards creating works of art that can be shared with the larger community.

Finally, the arts create a space where students can connect with others who share their interests and passions. The vulnerability and the honesty required to make meaningful art – and the intensity that comes from preparing to share that artwork with others – creates a unique environment where students can come to a deeper understanding of who they are and what they can accomplish.

Access and affordability

We want all students – regardless of experience or financial circumstances – to be able to participate in the art form of their choice in a way that is meaningful and equitable. For example, in music, the loan of instruments and private lessons are supported by financial aid. In visual arts, most equipment (like cameras) and materials (like clay or canvasses) are included in the cost of tuition or supported by financial aid. All drama performances are free to the public. For more information, please contact Tearon Joseph, associate director of admissions and financial aid programs director, at or 206-440-2773.

Middle School: Accessible and engaging

Lakeside’s Middle School arts faculty and coaches support students at all levels of artistic ability. Every student takes both a visual arts class and a performing arts class each year, learning the fundamentals of a range of art forms. The school dedicates significant time to the arts: Visual arts classes take place twice a week, and performing arts classes four times a week. Classes are grade-based and grow more sophisticated and challenging as students mature.

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Upper School: Choice and exploration

Choice and exploration – between and within different artistic disciplines – are at the heart of the Upper School arts program. Upper School students can choose among a wide range of classes to fulfill graduation requirements of two yearlong arts courses. Seventy percent of students enroll in an arts course every year. Advanced-level students can work on in-depth projects in an area of their choice.

Learn more about our drama, music, and visual arts programs.

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