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Middle School Athletics

Many Lakeside Athletics programs offer Middle School counterparts, where students grades 5-8 can introduce themselves to a new sport, practice and compete with their classmates, and benefit from physical activity and education. Middle School teams are overseen by program heads who are charged with program-wide coordination, management, and structuring for every team from 5th grade to their Upper School varsity team.

Most Middle School teams compete in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO); boys lacrosse teams participate in the Seattle Metropolitan Youth Lacrosse Association; crew is offered as an instructional team that does not compete in a league.

Middle School teams are “no cut,” meaning any student who wants to be a part of a team is given that chance. Each season, teams are built based on grade, and some teams are offered at junior varsity and varsity, or AA and AAA based on skill level.

Teams offered at the Middle School vary from year to year and season to season, and are based on student interest and league, coach, and facility availability. Registrations are sent out by the Assistant Director of Athletics for the Middle School, and usually open a few months prior to each fall, winter, and spring season.

In the 2019-2020 school year, Lakeside offered the following teams:

5/6th Grade Boys Soccer (Maroon)
5/6th Grade Boys Soccer (Gold)
7th Grade Boys Soccer
8th Grade Boys Soccer
5/6th Grade Girls Soccer (Maroon)
5/6th Grade Girls Soccer (Gold)
7/8th Grade Girls Soccer (Maroon)
7/8th Grade Girls Soccer (Gold)
5-8th Grade Cross Country
7/8th Grade Beginner Crew
8th Grade Advanced Crew
5/6th Grade Boys JV Basketball
6th Grade Boys Varsity Basketball
7th Grade Boys JV Basketball
7th Grade Boys Varsity Basketball
8th Grade Boys JV Basketball
8th Grade Boys Varsity Basketball
5/6th Grade Girls JV Basketball
6th Grade Girls Varsity Basketball
7/8th Grade Girls JV Basketball
7th Grade Girls Varsity Basketball
8th Grade Girls Varsity Basketball
5th Grade Girls Volleyball
6th Grade Girls Volleyball (Maroon)
6th Grade Girls Volleyball (Gold)
7th Grade Girls Volleyball AA
7th Grade Girls Volleyball AAA
8th Grade Volleyball
6-8th Grade Boys Lacrosse
5-8th Track and Field


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Athletics Philosophy

Our athletics program is built on three pillars: broad-based participation, outstanding coaching, and competitive success.

Upper School Team Directory

Lakeside Athletics is proud to offer 23 Upper School varsity teams, most of which have sub-varsity and Middle School counterparts.

Athletics Facilities

Lakeside School is home to some of the finest high school athletics facilities in the Puget Sound region.