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Strength and Athletic Training

The Lakeside strength and conditioning program is focused on developing foundations of overall strength, power, speed, and agility in our student-athletes.

Students who participate in the program receive individualized instruction in proper training techniques. All training groups are run under the direction of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Rick Huegli, or Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Erica Pitman. Programs are designed to allow for efficient work as a group, while at the same time attending to the specific needs of each athlete.

Athletes work training around their daily class schedules, with additional time available before and after school. Workouts are designed to be 35-90 minutes in length, allowing athletes to complete an entire workout in a single class period. The program also includes an eight-week summer component, which includes an enhanced focus on the development of speed, agility, and overall fitness.

The Lakeside sports medicine program is a crucial element in maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive environment for training and competition. The purpose of the program is to provide student-athletes with the tools to minimize the occurrence of athletics-related injuries, and to treat and rehabilitate from injuries after initial treatment.

Injury prevention in our program varies according to sport-specific needs. All injuries are assessed for risk of re-injury and all injured athletes complete a required rehabilitation program focused on prevention of future injuries prior to returning to full participation in their sport.

All teams and student-athletes have full access to the Ed Putnam Sports Medicine Facility, located in The Paul G. Allen Athletics Center. Our facility provides dedicated spaces for taping, evaluation, treatment, private consultation, and supervised or self-directed rehabilitation. Head Athletic Trainer Antonio Gudiño and Assistant Athletic Trainer Paige Platman handle sideline coverage at all on-campus and certain off-campus competitions for Upper School teams.

The Harry Swetnam strength training and cardio spaces feature:

  • 6 squat/bench press/clean platforms.
  • 2 full cable towers.
  • 9000+ lbs. of dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, and medicine ball weight.
  • 5 ellipticals.
  • 2 recumbent bikes.
  • 5 treadmills.
  • 4 ergs.
  • 8 spin bikes.

The Ed Putnam Sports Medicine Facility features:

  • 2 ten-person hot and cold tubs.
  • 4 adjustable treatment tables.
  • 2 taping tables.
  • Rehabilitation equipment, including medicine balls, elastic bands, ankle weights, wobble-boards, BOSU balls, stationary bikes, and treadmills.
  • Ice machine.

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