An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Designing a remote learning workspace

September 2020

Lakeside faculty adapted curriculum this summer for remote learning, and many began the year adding a new lesson for students: how to set up a remote learning workspace. Faculty, particularly those whose disciplines have specific physical needs, thought creatively about how students could establish functional workspaces and what resources they would need.

Specialized supplies were assembled for courses that needed them, and Middle and Upper school students picked up personalized kits at a drive-through event during the first week of school. Below, three teachers share how they worked with students and families to set up remote workspaces.

Upper School physics

Upper School science teacher Michael Town created a series of videos for physics students, including instructions for setting up a workspace and safely assembling and using tools. In this workspace video, Town demonstrates tactics for safely using tools, including how to use cardboard to protect the surface of a desk or table before using cutting tools.

Middle School choir

Choir teacher Mary Clementi encouraged students to find a courageous singing space, where they can sing out confidently, without feeling self-conscious, and feel comfortable trying new sounds and making mistakes. Clementi detailed what this may look like and shared her own courageous singing space in a Back-to-School Night message to Middle School parents and guardians. 

Upper School visual arts

Though workspaces for his classes are flexible, Upper School visual arts teacher Jacob Foran emphasized the importance of caring for the space and materials. In a video for students, Foran walked through the materials students received, how to use them, and how to care for them.