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Middle School Digital Life: Coding portfolios

July 2016

Sixth-graders code a digital portfolio featuring their artwork.

Learning how to use technology effectively is something that happens in almost every class at Lakeside Middle School but particularly in Digital Life. In these weekly classes, students learn about digital literacy and technologies, from programming languages and 3-D printing to podcasting software and physical-computing hardware.

Instructional technology specialist Bonnie Brodd uses Digital Life class to support the work happening across the curriculum. In a collaboration with Middle School visual arts teacher Suzanne Granger, Brodd developed a project that combines students’ interest in technology and art: coding online portfolios.

In 6th-grade Digital Life classes, students learn how to design web pages and code using HTML and CSS. They use their newly gained coding skills to create a set of webpages featuring artwork they’ve created. Each student’s portfolio includes a description of several art projects, the tasks involved, skills and vocabulary they learned, and their thoughts about the process of creating the piece. The portfolios also feature in-progress and finished photographs of the work, taken with school-provided digital tablets.

“I love how this project combines digital life and art,” said Brodd. “The students are so proud of their artwork and they worked really hard on creating their pages.”

View the results from four students – both coding and artwork – below.

Amelia I. '24

Bryan C. '24

Anni Y. '24

Brandon P. '24