An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Faculty & Staff Directory

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Caryn Abrey

Upper School Science Teacher/New Faculty Support Program Coordinator

Reem Abu Rahmeh

Middle School Director

Lindsay Aegerter

Upper School English Teacher

Andy Aguilera

Upper School History Teacher

Emily Aktepy

Testing Center and Tutoring Coordinator

Alma Andrade

Middle School Languages Teacher

Jamie Asaka

Director of Student and Family Support/Girls Lacrosse Program Head

Mia Augustavo-Fisher

Girls Basketball Program Head and Head Varsity Coach

Yvette Avila

Middle School Human Development Teacher/Middle School Student Equity Programs Coordinator

Mar Bactol

Assistant Varsity Football Coach / JV Football Coach

Alina Badus

Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Mimi Bain

Admissions & Financial Aid Support Staff

Jon Barton

Middle School Physical Education Teacher

Debbie Bensadon

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Heather Bentley

Middle School Music Teacher

Leili Besharat

Middle School English Teacher

Michael Black

Upper School Science Teacher/Boys Lacrosse Program Head

Robert Blackwell

Middle School Assistant Director/Boys Basketball Program Director

Greta Block

Middle School/Upper School Outdoor Programs Coordinator/Summer Curricular Grants Coordinator

Ryan Boccuzzi

Upper School Director
1 2 3 13 > showing 1 - 20 of 243 constituents