An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Faculty & Staff Directory

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Paloma Borreguero

Upper School Languages Teacher/Department Head

Veronique Brau

Upper School Languages Teacher

Bonnie Brodd

Middle School Technology Integration Specialist

Lisa Broesamle

Development Office Administrative Assistant

Kathryn Brooks

Upper School History/Science Teacher/Lead Degree Advancement Program/Mentor

Rob Burgess

Maintenance Foreman

Heather Butler

Middle School Library/Digital Life/Mentor

Jessica Butler

Middle School Administrative Assistant/Events Coordinator

Tom Butler

Upper School Mathematics Teacher/9th-Grade Coordinator/Mentor

Peter Byerlein

Cook 2/Boys Lacrosse Program Head

Camilla Calkins

Technology Integration Specialist/Books Instructional Materials Program Coordinator

Sarah Callender

Middle School English Teacher

Tasha Campbell Chang

Upper School Learning Resources Coordinator/Head of Upper School Student Support/Department Head

Nancy Canino

Middle School Science and Mathematics Teacher/Science Department Head/Faculty Equity Programs Coord.

Lani Carpenter

PGA Administrative and Program Specialist

Marcia Chaddock

College Counseling and Summer School Operations Manager

Elaine Christensen

Middle School Director/Director of Professional Development

Erik Christensen

Upper School English Teacher

Clayton Christy

Maintenance/Athletics Photographer
< 1 2 3 4 12 > showing 21 - 40 of 221 constituents