An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Faculty & Staff Directory

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Harold Johanson

Upper School Technology Integration Specialist/Library Support

David Joneschild

Upper School Science Teacher

Tearon Joseph

Interim Co-Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

Diane Kallaway

Global Education/Arts Administrative Assistant

Anthony Kamau

Accountant, Revenue and Payroll

Amy Kaz

Upper School English Teacher

Jodi Kennedy

Executive Assistant to Middle School Director

Sanni Keskimaki

Middle School Learning Resource Coordinator

Jeff Kim

Middle School PE Teacher/Volleyball Program Head

Kristen Klitz

Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Adrienne Knudson

Middle School PE Teacher

Kris Knutson

Middle School Library Technician

Mark Kranwinkle

Upper School Languages Teacher/College Counselor

Todd Kresser

Upper School Mathematics Teacher/Department Head

Andrew Krus

Director of Visual and Performing Arts

James Lajoie

Upper School Mathematics Teacher/Mentor

Latasia Lanier

LEEP Director/Family Support Liaison/5th Grade Coordinator

Bob Lapsley

Upper School English Teacher/10th Grade Coordinator

Dionna Leach

Athletics Intern

Katie Lee

Middle School Mathematics Teacher
< 1 4 5 6 7 8 12 > showing 101 - 120 of 225 constituents