An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Faculty & Staff Directory

Emily Aktepy

Testing Center and Tutoring Coordinator

Jamie Asaka

Director of Student and Family Support

Jeffrey Bonar

Upper School Assistant Director/Learning Resources Coordinator

Tasha Campbell Chang

Upper School Learning Resources Coordinator/Head of Upper School Student Support/Department Head

Sanni Keskimaki

Middle School Learning Resource Coordinator/Mentor

Latasia Lanier

LEEP Director/Family Support Liaison/Upper School Student Equity Programs Coordinator

Julie Lutton

5-12 Personal Development and Wellness Department Head

Meredith Sjoberg

Upper School Counseling Center Coordinator

Serena Swanson

Upper School Counselor/12th Grade Level Coordinator

Meg Wolfe

Middle School Learning Resources Coordinator/Head of Middle School Student Support/Department Head