An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Faculty & Staff Directory

Alma Andrade

Middle School Languages Teacher

Jon Barton

Middle School Physical Education Teacher

Leili Besharat

Middle School English Teacher

Greta Block

Middle School/Upper School Outdoor Programs Coordinator/Summer Curricular Grants Coordinator

Sarah Callender

Middle School English Teacher

Aly Counsell-Torres

5-12 Service Learning Coordinator

Lisa Devine

Associate Director of Global Programs

Tori Force

Middle School Counselor

Adam Graham-Silverman

Middle School English Teacher

Antonio Hopson

Middle School Science Teacher/Mentor

Aleks Jovcic

Middle School Computer Science/Digital Life Teacher

Meera Patankar

Middle School Human Development Teacher/Middle School GSL Manager

Scott Riley

Middle School Languages Teacher

Ian Siadak

Experiential Education Programs Coordinator

Bryan Smith

Director of Experiential Education

Anna Thackray

Middle School Library/Makerspace

Jillian Tsai

Middle School Lanuages Teacher/Middle School Languages Department Head