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Health and safety


tudent health and safety is a top priority at Lakeside School. The school has established programs and practices that enable us to take care of each other by building community and wellness. We regularly review and update our procedures to meet best practices, informed by the CDC and Washington Department of Health.

Health and safety are our shared responsibility: all members of the Lakeside community have a responsibility to take care of themselves and others. 

Last updated Apr. 28, 2024.

  • Please note that Lakeside protocols may change if public health guidelines change or if a new outbreak occurs in our community, defined as 10% of our population testing positive for COVID-19 at one time. 
  • If you need assistance quickly accessing COVID tests for your student, please reach out to Lakeside's school nurse.

Health and safety updates


Need help?

Questions about school safety can be directed to Director of Community Safety David Buerger, at and 206-440.2794. On-duty security personnel can be reached at 206-730-8299.

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Lakeside’s student and family support program is equipped and prepared to respond to the social-emotional development and health needs of our students and families. Working in partnership with parents and guardians, the members of the team teach students to advocate for themselves and empower students to care for their minds and bodies. Learn more about student and family support. 






Questions about school health policies and practices can be directed to Lakeside’s school nurse, Joy Irvin, at Contact your medical provider if you have questions about your child’s health.