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From the Tatler: The Stud Gov Update
From the Tatler: The Stud Gov Update

by Ben W. '19

Every year, Stud Gov vows to increase transparency, and every year it has been met with setbacks. But no longer! We've partnered with the Tatler to bring you monthly updates on what we've accomplished, what we're doing, and what we plan to work on in future. If you have any suggestions for us, emailing will send your idea to every member of Stud Gov and instantly spur us into action.

We spent several meetings at the beginning of the year establishing projects and beginning work on them; some of them are now nearing completion. You'll see progress reports every month in this article.

Stud Gov projects thus far:

Middle School Peer Tutoring
Create a tutoring program where upper school students assist middle school students in their studies for service hours.

House – Drive Fundraiser
Hold a canned food drive that pits the houses against each other, reminiscent of last year's highly successful book drive.

Cafeteria Improvements
Implement more options for Meatless Monday and create a sandwich order form.

FIFA Tournament
Engage the student body in a school-wide FIFA Tournament.

Student Center Improvements
Make the student center a fun, welcoming place with activities like gamecube games, foosball, ping pong and board games.

Student Government Visibility
Increase Student Government transparency so that all who are curious can easily gain insight into current projects or procedures.

Stress Busters
Establish a committee dedicated to making stress busters (like how we provided hot cocoa and cotton candy last year) more frequent and of better quality!

Bus Stop Shelter
Explore the possibility of getting a rain/wind shelter at the Lakeside bus stop.

Classroom Decorations
Work with our school's staff to get decorations in all the classrooms, making the walls less boring and overall creating a more interesting classroom experience.

Sophomore/Junior Retreats
Strengthen community in the Sophomore and Junior classes by adding retreats similar to the Freshman and Senior retreats.

In addition to the projects that Stud Gov itself has brainstormed, we've extensively reviewed the results of the ideas survey that we sent out a few weeks ago. The most popular inputs from that were:

  • Improving food options in the cafeteria
  • Increasing school spirit
  • Adding more seating and attractions to the student center

These projects are going to be a high priority going forward, since they come from you, the student body ー we do work for you, after all. Check the Tatler monthly for updates on them and all the other projects we are working on!

Again, if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, email us at

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