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Independent School Health Check student survey
Independent School Health Check student survey

by Felicia Wilks, Upper School director

Lakeside Upper School will be administering the Independent School Health Check (ISHC) to all our students on October 29, 2018 during assembly period. The data from this survey will be critically helpful as Upper School administrators plan and evaluate the ways in which we support student wellness. On the survey day, students will be asked to complete a series of questions that address attitude and life experiences, and that touch on issues such as self-esteem, stress, integrity, sexual behavior, and substance use. This survey was last administered in the spring of 2016. Last year a survey from Challenge Success was used. We plan to alternate years as the surveys are related, but separate and we want to measure change in progress with both of them.

For the past month, Lakeside has been working with the consultants from the ISHC to prepare for the administration of the survey. Participation is voluntary and at the discretion of the students and parents and guardians. The students will be told they can skip any questions they prefer not to answer. Students who do not wish to complete the survey will have the opportunity to work on something other than the survey during the administration period. It is important to note that all survey responses will be completely anonymous. Students will be given a link to the survey and it will be impossible for anyone at the school or in the survey organization to associate any student with any complete survey or individual responses.

ISHC analyzes the data collected and provides each school with group data only. Because the school hosts the survey link, the only IP address collected is that of the school; no individual computer can be identified. Students have the ISHC's pledge to treat their individual responses as confidential.

If parents and guardians do not want their student to complete the survey or have any questions or comments about the ISHC, please contact Meredith Sjoberg, Upper School counselor, at 206-440-2749. If we do not hear from parents and guardians, we will assume that they have no objection to their student's participation.

We are excited to offer the ISHC and believe it will serve as a great tool for Upper School administrators as we continue to make every effort to best support our students. On a personal note, I would add that addressing student health in a rigorous and thoughtful way is critically important to me. I feel strongly that we as a school should work from actual data and create programs and opportunities for our students that are rooted in their particular needs.

Upper School administrators plan to host a meeting for parents and guardians later this year about the survey's findings. Stay tuned for more information about that event.

Thank you in advance for your support and interest in this important initiative.