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Lakeside re-envisioning update and timeline
Lakeside re-envisioning update and timeline

Pictured: Students engage in a re-envisioning activity in August 2018.

Lakeside is well underway with a full re-envisioning of its educational program – both the academic curriculum and co-curricular programs. This work incorporates and builds on other recent and ongoing work, including our diversity, equity and inclusion initiative, Our Work Together; the 2018 global curriculum review; and the curriculum review of 2013-2014.

As Head of School Bernie Noe wrote in January, the goal of the re-envisioning is "to review and research the skills and habits of mind we are teaching and want to teach our students, to best prepare them for the world they will find upon graduation." During a recent professional development day, Lakeside's faculty and representatives from the student body, parents and guardians, staff, alumni, and Board of Trustees came together to determine the skills, competencies, and mindsets at the core of the re-envisioning. As a framing device for the day, participants considered the question: Using the mission as our guide, how do we teach students to make good decisions in their personal and professional lives and act on them to make the world a better place for others?

Here are some key milestones coming up in the re-envisioning process:

  • Spring-Summer 2019: Working groups meet. The re-envisioning task force creates a final draft of skills, competencies, and mindsets we want to teach students; other groups research possible changes to the school calendar (daily and yearly); internships and other experiential programs; and growing the size of the school.  
  • Late August 2019: Lakeside's faculty, staff, and representatives from the student body, parents and guardians, alumni, and Board of Trustees hear the recommendations from the re-envisioning task force and the other working groups.
  • Fall 2019: Multiple groups at Lakeside, including administrators and academic department heads, review the research and findings and prepare their final recommendations.
  • Winter 2019: Decisions are finalized as to how the re-envisioning of the school's program will move forward.
  • Spring 2020: Results of the re-envisioning are shared with the community at large. Faculty begin planning changes to the curriculum.
  • Fall 2021: Changes begin to be implemented across the school.

Watch for updates in fall 2019!