An Independent School • Grades 5-12
Senior arts shows: April 23 – May 28
Senior arts shows: April 23 – May 28

Senior visual arts shows – gallery-style exhibits and receptions featuring the work of seniors in the visual arts – will run in Pigott Arts Center from mid-April through mid-May. The shows are collaborative group efforts between students working across all areas of the program, in photography, ceramics, sculpture, painting, and drawing. 

The shows provide an opportunity for the entire community – students, parents and guardians, faculty, and staff – to engage in a gallery experience and to learn more about the exhibiting students through their artwork. "This is the culmination of their three- to four-year journey of artistic exploration and it's a wonderful celebration of their accomplishments," said photography teacher and artist Barry Wong. "It's impressive to see how far students have come in terms of their creative and technical sophistication. For many students, it's one of the highlights of their Lakeside experience." 

Each group show will run one week, with exhibits installed on Monday and Tuesday and receptions scheduled on Thursdays from 2:15-3:05 p.m. Everyone is invited! Students from all grades will exhibit pieces during Arts Fest on Wednesday, May 30.

April 23-27. Reception on Thursday, April 26.
Conor C. (three-dimensional arts), Jackson H. (three-dimensional arts), Marcus J. (drawing & painting), Owen O. (photography), Isobel W. (drawing & painting)

April 30-May 4. Reception on Thursday, May 3.
Preston B. (photography), Madeline C. (three-dimensional arts), Uma D. (drawing and painting), Ava F. (drawing and painting), Rachel L. (three-dimensional arts), Lauren L. (photography)

May 7-11. Reception on Thursday, May 10.
Mekhi A. (three-dimensional arts), Angus D. (three-dimensional arts), Isabel I. (drawing and painting), Shandy K. (drawing and painting), Sophie L. (photography), Jonathan L. (photography)

May 14-18. Reception on Thursday, May 17.
Jenny B. (photography), Maddie B. (three-dimensional arts), Emma C. (photography), Sophie E. (drawing and painting), Neva H. (photography), Spencer M. (three-dimensional arts), Grace T. (photography), Stella X. (drawing and painting)