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Tools to make healthy choices
Tools to make healthy choices

by Adrienne Knudson, Middle School physical education teacher

Fun. Fitness. Fun. Focus. Fun. Fraternization. Fun.
Spikeball, Speedminton, personal fitness planning, Yoga, Pillo Polo, and Womba Ball!
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The Middle School physical education department is in the midst of big change. Over the last few years we have adapted our program to ensure that it is relevant, meaningful, and full of learning and fun for students at each grade level.

We want students to be able to answer a handful of important questions for themselves: "What physical and recreational activities do I enjoy that relieve stress and build confidence? How can I influence personal and group success with the skills and attributes that I have? How can I contribute in various ways, within various groups? How does taking risks positively impact my capacity to learn?" If we can help them navigate these questions and arrive at personally meaningful answers, we believe they'll have the tools to make healthy choices into adulthood.

A core set of values guides our work. We want to create a comprehensive physical education program that is an integral part of the school and that:

  • Creates a dynamic, safe, fun and engaging learning environment.
  • Fosters interest in a variety of activities.
  • Offers a rigorous, developmentally-appropriate curriculum that is accessible to all students and responsive to individual needs.
  • Develops authentic opportunities for goal-setting, self-reflection, and healthy decision-making.
  • Cultivates ethical behavior both in the classroom and beyond.
  • Encourages students to take risks by trying new activities and being willing to learn from failure.

The overarching question guiding our work is: What do students need to know to live a healthy lifestyle? And, importantly: How will this be fun for students? We believe that if students cultivate a love for movement by having fun, and learn that they have a good deal of influence over personal health, they are more likely to lead active lives when they leave our care.

It is inspiring to plan a vibrant program that positively impacts the future lives of our students! We love talking about our work in this area, so please reach out if you are interested in learning more.

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