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Upcoming student survey for work with Challenge Success
Upcoming student survey for work with Challenge Success

by Meredith Bledsoe, Upper School counseling center coordinator

As part of Lakeside's work with Challenge Success, Lakeside students in grades 5-12 are being invited to participate in the Stanford Survey of Adolescent School Experiences. This survey is part of a collaborative effort between Lakeside and Challenge Success, a program associated with the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.

The goal of the survey is to better understand students' experiences in school and at home. Students will be asked questions about how they spend their time after school, their relationships with their teachers, academic engagement, parent/guardian goals and expectations, sleep, stress, and academic integrity. The survey is online and will take students about 30-45 minutes to complete during school hours. We will use the information from the survey to thoughtfully plan next steps to implement to ensure our students have a challenging academic experience while also focusing on their health and well-being.

We will be administering the survey the week after we return from Thanksgiving break (Nov. 29 – Dec. 1). Middle School students will take the survey during one of their science classes and Upper School students will take the survey during one of their English classes.

Student's individual privacy will be maintained in all published and written data resulting from this study. However, if a student shares information on the survey that indicates that there is a risk to their safety or someone else's safety, Challenge Success will pass that information on to me along with other responses that might assist us in identifying the student. All other data will be kept anonymous. After data analysis is completed by Challenge Success, I will be given a report summarizing students' anonymous responses on the survey.

Parents and guardians received an email on Thursday, Nov. 9 with additional information. You can also find the information here. Feel free to email me at if you have questions!