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Parents and Guardians Association

Posted March 1, 2021

For the latest PGA events, please read the March 1 Pawprint resource guide. The next Pawprint will be emailed on April 5, 2021.

Nominations process for PGA 2021-22 leadership positions

The PGA nominations committee is comprised of fellow parents and guardians whose job it is to nominate volunteers to fill leadership roles on next year's PGA board, including its executive committee, class reps, and many other PGA committees. Click here for a public folder of all job descriptions or here for the current board roster.

The committee's goal is to assemble a board that is balanced across grades, diverse in skills and experience levels, and representative of Lakeside's diverse community. They will be meeting regularly from January-April.

2020-2021 nominations committee members:

Abebech Afework (grades 6, 8, 11)
Victoria Best (grades 9,11)
Debbie Conway, (grade 10)
Marcelo Garces (grades 7, 9)
Shirin Issa (grade 11)
Simone Johnson (grades 5, 7)
April Joseph (grade 12)
Patty Morrissey (grade 9)
Minnie Reicheck (grade 6)
Gregg Schuler (grade 8)
Julie Yee, chair (grades 8, 10, 12)
Winston Yeung (grades 8, 10)
Recordings or documents of PGA meetings or events:
  • Click here for a shared folder of PGA meetings that were recorded including the 3-part parent education workshop with Kelly Conroy Moore and audio recordings of the Oct. 13 and Feb. 9 general membership meetings.
  • To access the video of the Feb. 9 suicide prevention training, the video is located here, and the password will be emailed to parents and guardians.
  • Click to see draft minutes from Oct. 13, 2020 general membership meeting, 2020-21 PGA board slate and 2020-21 budget. Click here for the 2020-21 PGA allocations to Lakeside School.