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Posted March 24, 2017

Rummage Sale and the Lakeside Community

Today marks the beginning of a big weekend for Lakeside and the PGA. Our annual Rummage Sale will be in full swing after school with Lakeside's friends and family pre-sale. Come volunteer, find bargains, and have fun today through Sunday in the Paul G. Allen Athletics Center. For those of you who are new to Lakeside, participating in the Rummage Sale is one of the easiest ways to help the school by donating just a few hours of your time. No experience is necessary. For veteran Lakeside families, we hope you will appreciate that the PGA has made an effort to keep Rummage volunteer shifts short and fun. Sign ups have closed but we welcome walk-ins on Saturday or Sunday. Please check-in at the volunteer desk in the PGA office.

The Rummage Sale is a special event that brings the whole Lakeside community together. Faculty, students, parents, and alumni all chip in to help and work alongside one another. (If you are lucky, Bernie Noe may give you a piece of candy.) In addition to being a fun way to get to know other Lakeside families, Rummage is one of the PGA's two major fundraisers. The Rummage program nets almost $100,000, which is funneled back into PGA programs and donations to the school.

Thank you,

Nan Robertson

PGA President, 2016-17

Pawprint (PGA newsletters)

Parents and Guardians Association Mission

The Parents and Guardians Association (PGA) is made up of all parents and guardians of current Lakeside students. The mission of the PGA is to support Lakeside School by building community, facilitating communications, and fundraising. Last year the PGA raised over $600,000 through its fundraising activities (ROAR auction, Rummage, and logowear). These funds primarily benefit students, faculty and staff, and also support significant community-building efforts undertaken by the PGA in the form of over 100 activities and events each year!

There are a wide variety of programs and activities to help all parents and guardians feel welcomed, informed, involved, and connected. For parents and guardians who want to become involved in the PGA and the school community, connect with other parents and guardians, lend time and talent, and have some fun, there are PGA activities and jobs of all sizes and types to fit different interests and schedules. One can learn about events and volunteer opportunities through class reps, the Lakeside PGA webpage (, at class picnics, at the PGA welcome coffees, and through the bi-weekly Pawprint.

Parents and Guardians Resources

PGA office and staff: The PGA office is located at 14201 4th Avenue NE in the northeast corner of the Upper School campus in a white house and is open to all (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) The Rummage Depot is on the lower level of this building. The PGA’s Volunteer Coordinator Vonnie Breidenstein can be reached at 206-440-2740 or The PGA’s Administrative Assistant Lani Carpenter can be reached at 206-440-2796 or

Parents and guardians webpage: This page has important information for Lakeside parents and guardians including links to the PGA page, family information and billing, the Lakeside calendar, Family Handbook, school forms, etc.

Pawprint: This is the PGA’s bi-weekly email newsletter. The issues will alternate between grade-level news and all-school news during the school year.

PGA class representatives: These are parents and guardians from each grade who have volunteered to coordinate communications, social events and Rummage operations for each class. They help keep parents and guardians in the grade informed of PGA events and volunteer opportunities, and they serve as a resource to parents and guardians.

PGA class coordinators: These parents and guardians volunteer to coordinate specific activities in each grade. These volunteer jobs vary slightly for each grade, but all grades will have coordinators for APPLE, potlucks, and peer groups. Click here for more information on PGA programs and events.

PGA board: This group includes over 100 parents and guardians who are elected or appointed to leadership positions as class representatives or committee chairs each year. These volunteers manage the more than 30 programs or committees sponsored by the PGA.

PGA general membership meetings: These meetings, which are typically held three times per year, are open to all parents and guardians, and are a great forum to learn about happenings at Lakeside. Agendas feature school administrators as well as PGA updates.

PGA Calendar


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