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We Are Lakeside

Lakeside School's Parents and Guardians Association and diversity, equity, and inclusion team have collaborated to present We Are Lakeside, an introductory online education module that invites parents and guardians to be active participants in and owners of the work of making Lakeside a truly equitable and inclusive community.

Through a series of videos and activities, We Are Lakeside aims to inspire curiosity about diversity and inclusion, and act as a springboard to learn how we can collectively and individually make our community more equitable and inclusive by embracing the diversity of our backgrounds and our lived experiences. We ask that all parents and guardians commit to the same learning journey as students and school employees through Our Work Together, so that all members of our Lakeside community are seen, valued, and heard.

After viewing each video segment, Lakeside parents and guardians are asked to please respond to corresponding questions. You will be prompted for your Veracross login at the link below. 

PRO TIP: Keep the questionnaire open in one browser tab, and view the videos in this tab. The video series and questions will take approximately 30 minutes.

We are Lakeside questionnaire

Segment 1: Our Commitment / Then and Now

Answer the Segment 1 question using the We are Lakeside questionnaire link above.

Segment 2: I am Lakeside / From the Board

Answer the Segment 2 question using the We are Lakeside questionnaire link above.

Segment 3: Call to Action / We are Lakeside

Answer the remaining questions using the We are Lakeside questionnaire link above.

Thank you for helping to strengthen our Lakeside community.

Once you have completed viewing the videos and answering the corresponding questions, please check out next steps. 

Next Steps