An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Next Steps

Now that you've viewed the We are Lakeside videos, this is the time to think about the different ways that you can take action to help make our community more equitable and inclusive.  There are things you can do on an individual basis, and there are actions you can take collectively in collaboration with others.

Individual actions

  • Read through the PGA -DEI webpages.
  • Attend a webinar focused on equity and inclusion.
  • Borrow a book from the PGA lending library.
  • Check out the comprehensive list of resources.
  • Read up on various diversity and inclusion definitions.
  • Engage in exercises on identity and inclusion.
  • Do a self-assessment exercise and increase self-awareness around issues of diversity and inclusion.
  • Diversify your news sources.
  • Enroll in or audit courses related to equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Learn about implicit bias and microaggressions.
  • Support anti-racist campaigns.
  • Complete anti-discrimination or bystander intervention training.
  • Validate and acknowledge others' experiences of racial injustice.
  • Support businesses owned by people of color
  • Attend and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion events.
  • Seek out the work, art, and literature of those who look and believe differently from you.

Collective actions

  • Attend a T.J. Vassar Diversity and Community Committee meeting.
  • Participate in a PGA affinity or alliance group.
  • Join the T.J. Vassar Book Club.
  • Make an effort to talk to other parents and guardians, especially those you might not have sought out in the past.
  • Reach out to parents and guardians who might be shy about speaking out first.
  • When planning events, try to make sure they are inclusive socioeconomically.
  • Seek understanding from those who may believe differently from you.
  • Be an ally; offer feedback and engage in dialogue.
  • Model for kids what it means to be in community.
  • Support each other when we are harmed unintentionally.