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Lakeside Middle School 13510 1st Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125-3099
Lakeside Upper School 14050 1st Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125-3099


Middle School

At Lakeside Middle School, one of our two primary goals is to provide an academic curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for intellectually capable young adolescents. To achieve this goal, we provide a curriculum that is relevant, challenging, interdisciplinary, and exploratory. We also know that students engage with an academic curriculum most successfully if it is delivered in a larger educational context that is respectful, supportive, inclusive, and safe. In other words, academic success in middle school depends on meeting students’ other developmental needs. Our second goal, then, is to meet the developmental needs of middle schoolers. To achieve either of these goals—academic success and healthy personal development—we must achieve them both. 

In fall 2008, the Lakeside Middle School faculty identified the knowledge, skills, attributes, and attitudes we seek to develop in our students by the time they graduate from the 8th grade. Drawing from shared readings, knowledge, experience, and discussion, the Middle School faculty recognized four major areas that we seek to develop in our students through the curriculum, co-curriculum, and school culture.

Middle School Administration
Elaine Christensen
Middle School Director

Ted Chen
Middle School Assistant Director
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