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Alixe Callen selected as US director

Alexandra (“Alixe”) Callen has been selected as Lakeside’s next Upper School director. After a comprehensive and rigorous search process, the Upper School Director search committee recognized Callen as “outstandingly qualified” to guide Lakeside’s Upper School; in a very strong applicant pool, she was in a class by herself.
In announcing the decision to the Lakeside community, Head of School Bernie Noe wrote: “Alixe will bring to Lakeside exceptional leadership experience in both public and private education as well as a vision of schools as places where the intellectual and emotional growth of individual students is the foremost goal.”

Callen shared: “From the moment I walked onto campus, I felt such a connection to the school. Lakeside's deliberate attention to the changing nature of society and education is inspiring. What impresses me most, however, is the school's ability to be forward thinking while simultaneously affording every member of the community such care and attention. The chance to learn and grow alongside Lakeside's students and adults is an opportunity I find hugely exciting.”

Callen has served as the principal of Acton-Boxborough (Massachusetts) Regional High School since 2008, overseeing all operations of a 2,000-student comprehensive, high-performing high school with more than 200 faculty and staff. During her tenure she led the school in embracing the community’s increasing diversity; expanded global education opportunities; and worked on the school’s mission and strategic planning, technology, professional development, and accreditation.

From 2004 to 2008, Callen was assistant principal at Needham High School in Massachusetts, where she completed between 30 and 40 teachers evaluations each year and hosted monthly support sessions for new faculty. She directed the Regional Teachers Center at Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School, educating teachers and administrators about the pedagogical and structural practices of the Coalition of Essential Schools, which works to create and sustain equitable, intellectually vibrant, personalized schools and to make such schools the norm of American public education.

Callen has also taught high-school humanities, English, and history in Arizona, and in 2003-2004 was a program specialist in technology integration, student assessment, and faculty culture for FreshPond Education, in Cambridge, Mass. A graduate of Milton Academy, Callen earned AB and MAT degrees from Brown University and master’s and doctoral degrees in education from Harvard University, where she also taught.
“Alixe (pronounced uh-leeks) understands the challenges of educating students in a world that is growing ever more diverse, global, and technological, and as an educator she has a very good track record of tackling these challenges successfully,” said Noe. “She believes in student-centered education—with high expectations wedded to committed academic and personal support—and in the responsibilities this places on adults in schools to help each student grow to his or her capacity mirrors closely Lakeside’s own philosophy and practices.”

Callen will move to Seattle this summer, along with her husband and two children, ages 10 and 14. “My family and I are ecstatic to be joining the Lakeside community,” she shared. She will officially start at Lakeside in July.

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