An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Charlotte Blessing, director of global education

Our 8th graders just returned from their GSL trips in rural locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. The program has its roots in our belief that global engagement starts with an understanding of diversity in our region. In debriefs with the trip leaders, they told us how much in in awe they were of the students. They were hard working, creative chefs, comedians, observers, bloggers, and most of all interested learners.

Students post blogs throughout the week (some of which we repost on Lakeside’s website), which parents and guardians are able to access. I encourage parents and guardians to read the blogs together with their student. Reading the blogs can inspire conversations and questions about daily life in rural communities, the service projects, access to education, whaling, and the list goes on.

This is parents’ and guardians’ opportunity to learn more about what happened on-site. Asking reflective questions also helps students process their experience. Processing a GSL trip often take time and many times students suddenly remember something that happened one, three, or six weeks ago. Embrace the memories and ask questions. It’s all about their learning and growing up.