An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Neva H. '18

Have you ever had a really bad day—and no one reached out to help? Have you ever felt alone in all of your struggles, without anyone by your side?

These seemingly hopeless situations could leave a person discouraged and saddened. Everyone has experienced these feelings at some point in their lives, and the Random Acts of Kindness (AoK) club was created to help students understand that they are not alone. To help stressed out or dejected students, the club has created a "take what you need" board. This board is full of colorful sticky notes with different phrases: "you can do it!", "don't worry, be happy!", "this, too, shall pass", or "you're bigger than that!" Anyone exiting the library can quickly take one of these notes for inspiration or joy, and can also write and leave another sticky note on the board for others to take and enjoy.

A sophomore health class inspired the idea for this board. They created one of these boards and hung it in the gym, giving inspiration to athletes before their big games or events. Although this board was very successful, it was only seen by very few people (mostly athletes), while a great portion of the student body who didn't visit the gym regularly did not visit the board. Having our "take what you need" board in the library, one of the most frequented places on campus, allows more students to take or create a sticky note every time he or she wants to. Walking past this very vibrant board every day, I see the number of sticky notes getting smaller and smaller – proof that students are taking these notes and hopefully benefiting from them. This board brings a smile and a happy feeling to many, and this joyous feeling is the primary goal of the AoK club.

One may not realize that they have someone who cares about what they are going through, but they do, and one of these small sticky notes will hopefully remind them of it.