An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Last week I sat in on Ms. Patankar’s 8th-grade personal development class and listened to students read their credos to their classmates. It was amazing to me how much insight these students have into their lives at 14 years old and also how completely authentic and vulnerable they were willing to be with one another. When each student finished, their classmates commented on what they heard, reflected on what it meant to them, and offered kind words of support.

I am not the deeply moved type and I was moved! It also reminded me of all that is good about Lakeside. I know it is not utopia here, and we have our struggles from time to time, but more than any place I know, this is a place where you can be vulnerable with one another and where authenticity is valued. I see students offering so much support to one another on a daily basis, and I think this is in part why they form such deep, and often lifelong, friendships here.