An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Jennifer Evans, Middle School English teacher

On Monday, Sept. 26, the entire 6th grade traveled by bus to Lincoln Park in West Seattle to have a group retreat. The purposes of the retreat are group bonding and pleasure in being together. When we arrived, students first grouped in their advisory groups for photos, which may end up in the yearbook. Next, buddy advisory groups joined together and headed along the trails of the park to ultimately end up in one of four designated sections of the beach for art projects.

Prior to our departure, the students had watched a video about Andy Goldsworthy, a world-renowned British artist who creates unique and temporary sculptures in a natural setting from natural items found on location. Our students were grouped into small groups of three or four and given the freedom to make a sculpture from what they could find on the beach or the park. Afterwards, we had a brief art show where they were able to admire the sculptures from others in the group.

We all ate lunch together and, once the post-lunch tag games got a bit crazy, we headed up to the park to play Capture the Flag and Camouflage. The glorious weather contributed a wonderful day of laughter, creativity, and fun. We hope that future guests to the park are able to enjoy our sculptures before nature takes them back again.