An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Aman V. ’23, Anya S. ’21, Nour G. ’22, and Tanvi G. ’22

Hi everyone! We’re the leaders of the South Asian Affinity Group, or SAAG. SAAG was created last year as a space for South Asian students to build a community with one another and celebrate their heritage.

This year, we're bringing in South Asian alumni to speak with our group! We recently spoke with Siva Sankrithi '04 and Aditya Sood '93. Mr. Sankrithi shared his experience both as a South Asian Lakeside student and faculty member; he actually led the South Asian affinity group when he taught at Lakeside, so he shared some traditions from his time with the school. Mr. Sood spoke about his journey in the arts and the current state of diversity within the entertainment industry. He also offered suggestions as to how we could get involved in the arts as teens.

Overall, we're very glad that we were able to learn from these fabulous alumni and look forward to having more speakers in the future!